1st week at the Cumorah Academy: Done!

September 14, 2023  •  Author: Alvaro Godoy

Suitcases unpacked, study rooms full of students, what does it mean?
It’s been officially a week since the new semester started at Cumorah Academy!

The fall semester of 2023 started, Cumorah welcomed students from 17 different countries who began their life-changing journey here. Passionate to new adventures, youth gathered together in order to gain skills and knowledge for their brilliant future.

The first week is always very busy and you enjoy this
because you have to meet new students.
To see the wonderful mix of characters who arrived at the campus.
See them learn and grow bonds and it’s always exciting
to do that by the end of the first week.
Tired yet joyful, because of these wonderful people
we’re getting to work with through the months

Iain Saunders, Director of the Cumorah Academy
Students arriving to campus.

We asked our students WHY they decided to cross hundreds (even thousands) of kilometers to come to Cumorah, and that’s what they’ve told us:

  • Veronika from Ukraine: “I wanted to improve my life because I felt lost and I wanted to find my true self again here”
  • Naelly from Italy: “I didn’t know what to do with my life and hoped that Cumorah would help me to find my path. Now, I really like leadership, the food and I love business lessons”
  • Tanya from Ukraine: “I saw an announcement about applying for studying, read the reviews, reviewed the values at the Cumorah, what subjects people learn here, and without any hesitation applied”
  • Liliya from Ukraine: “I came here to practice my English, to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and learn about different cultures”

At the Cumorah Academy, we place a strong emphasis on character development, recognizing that academic success alone is insufficient to prepare students for a meaningful and fulfilling life. We instill values such as integrity, empathy, and resilience, shaping students into responsible and compassionate individuals.

For the first week, students have already participated in service-oriented activities. Here at the Cumorah Academy, we encourage to participate in community service projects, both locally and globally, fostering a sense of social responsibility and empathy for others.

I felt good doing the service project
because I knew that my work was
helping and enriching this community

Anastasiia, student of the Fall Semester 2023
A student working on a service project.

At the Cumorah Academy, you can notice a strong sense of community. Which our students can feel from the first day:

We have a lot of learning and activities, we need to organize ourselves,
but at the same time, I like that we have a spiritual vision of why we do what we do,
I really like the communication, everybody is so kind
and friendly, everyone is so motivated

Liliia, student of the Fall Semester 2023
Students smiling during Leadership class.

We try to create an intimate and supportive environment where students form lasting friendships and connections with their peers and teachers. This sense of belonging fosters collaboration and enhances the overall learning experience.

I feel like all of the people embrace me: the teachers, the students. I can feel the holy ghost so strongly and he helps me a lot to understand the things that happen around me. The Cumorah Academy gives me a vision of my future and how I can become a better person to serve, to work, and make the best decisions that I have to do in my life.

Thomas, student of the Fall Semester 2023
Students discussing during class.

Upon graduation, Cumorah Academy students are well-prepared to make a positive impact on the world. That’s one of the most important reasons for our students to come here.

We remain dedicated to providing our students with the tools and values they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

For those seeking a holistic and transformative educational experience, we are waiting for you at the Cumorah Academy!