Al Fox Carraway Devotional

November 30, 2022  •  Author: admin

Al Fox Carraway welcomed us with a beautiful smile over Zoom while we were sitting in the conference room at Cumorah Academy. She shared a great personal message about how Jesus Christ can help us along our personal trials. Among her remarks, she shared how difficult it was for her to become a member and remain a faithful disciple of Christ since her family and many friends weren’t supportive of her choice to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Al Fox Carraway taught that with faith we can overcome all things.

It is easy to relate to someone who has been through a redemption journey. Al Fox Carraway shared her story of finding Christ, how she embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her expectations for the future.

People are drawn into movies, novels, and many different media where a story is being told because they want to know what the plot is. Most stories focus on the ark of the protagonist. The protagonist may be from a different background, have different motivations, and have different personalities. In most cases, they will go through a deep transformation along their personal journey to attain their desires.

The ark in storytelling is called redemption, meaning the protagonist starts the story with one or more characteristics that will change on deep levels.

They may start the story as cynical and pessimistic and may eventually turn hopeful and optimistic. This kind of ark is relatable since most of us are experiencing change within ourselves. By seeing a change in a character we can understand. It was relatable to listen to Al Fox Carraway’s experience.

Al Fox Carraway experienced a great change in her life and was able to grow closer to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through it all.

Al Fox Carraway spoke about Jesus Christ like He wasn’t someone distant that she worshipped once in a while – when we heard her talk of Christ, we felt how personal her relationship with Jesus Christ is.

In our meetings at church, we would close our messages and prayers by saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.” These words denote reverence and respect for the Lord. Carraway, on the other hand, proved to us that even with these words we may feel a connection with Christ. She concluded her remarks by saying, “In the name of my best friend, Jesus Christ. Amen”.

It was impossible to not feel the spirit she brought with that statement. Again, hearing a story of her personal conversion, trials, pain, sacrifice, and love, we ended the meeting feeling different than we felt before we joined.

-Fernando Luis Ferreira Junior

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