Fall Semester 2023 Report

December 13, 2023  •  Author: marketing


Cumorah Academy’s vision transcends the present. We believe in the potential of young adults, the rising generation, to make remarkable contributions to the world and others’ lives. The invaluable experience of Cumorah Academy’s founder as a leader and businessman as well as the entire Cumorah Academy team has provided clear insight into what needs to be done now to ensure that the next generation doesn’t fall short of their goals and success. Training this generation of young adults to become leaders will increase all of our optimism and hope for the future.

Our Commitment

We believe in the growth of our students in all areas – academically, professionally, even spiritually, and beyond. Based on these principles, we have adopted metrics to measure students’ progress before and after each semester. This creates transparency and enables continued improvement and refinement of Cumorah Academy’s programs. We are 100% committed to positively impacting each of our students. This means that we teach and prioritize accountability, ensuring transparency in whatever project we undertake.

Measuring the Necessary

By implementing the logic model, we can measure how students performed throughout the semester and how confident they feel upon leaving campus. Our curriculum is designed to give students opportunities to apply what they learn both in and outside the classroom, enabling them to achieve their future projects to the extent that they apply these principles and skills in their lives.

Here are just a few of the things we measure:

Employability: The ability to find meaningful work and be self-reliant.

Self-Efficacy: The belief in one’s own ability to succeed at a particular task or goal.

Resilience: The ability to adapt to challenges and difficult circumstances.

Leadership: The ability to effectively lead a group of peers.

Public Speaking: The ability to effectively communicate and present to a larger audience.

Faith: The level of one’s commitment to one’s beliefs and faith tradition, regardless of what it may be.

Hope: The degree to which the students are hopeful for the future.

God’s Love: The ability to feel God’s love and express unconditional love to all. 

Regular reports such as these, express the results of our efforts while building a culture of transparency and serving as efficient tools for implementing new strategies in the future.

Training the Rising Generation

Our efforts are transforming students into leaders. We recognize the classroom and our campus as the first place where they’ll start to become lifelong learners and skill-seekers. Our alumni then spread the Cumorah Academy values and culture wherever they find themselves throughout the world. 

We are shaping leaders in businesses, families, communities, and countries. Students are developing key soft skills on campus, being ready to use them in job opportunities, volunteer work, and their church communities. These abilities will not only benefit now but also in the long term, and ultimately they will have an impact on future generations.


“My wife and I have always dreamed of experiencing an immersive English environment. We embraced this dream when we got married, but didn’t know how to make it a reality.

 Then, a relative of my wife told us about Cumorah Academy; on the very same day we heard about it, we applied for the fall semester. During our time on campus, we had the privilege of meeting several accomplished individuals. One of them, who had the most profound impact on my life, was Chris Crittenden. He is a teacher at BYU Provo and the owner of a startup called Sandbox Incubator, which assists students in launching their startups. He even sold his first company to Walmart. 

Despite his impressive professional credentials, he is a genuinely compassionate person who cares deeply for others. I aspire to own my own company, and he exhibited more enthusiasm for my dream than I did. So many people have brought valuable insights into my life, reinforcing my belief in how tangible results materialize. The “Result Pyramid” principle left an indelible mark on me.

 I’ve always believed that I need to expose myself to believe in myself, the world, and the people around me. This principle has helped me structure this belief in my life. I am now determined to seek out new experiences to witness improved results in my life and my family. In our vision for the future, we hope to have enough resources to positively impact the lives of others, much like the donors and mentors have impacted ours. We’re on the path to achieving this vision, and we’re deeply thankful to so many at Cumorah. 

This experience at Cumorah Academy has been nothing short of amazing, far deeper than I initially imagined. It’s a life-changing journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Every day is a victory for me as I achieve what truly matters, feeling fulfilled and successful.”

Christopher Mendes

Christopher experienced the following improvements:

“Before Cumorah Academy, I prayed a lot, went to the temple, and fasted with the hope that this organization could accept me. I was lacking in confidence, skills, and a belief that I could achieve my goals. The mentors at Cumorah changed my mind, particularly Craig and Mellissa. During a mentor visit with them, I felt that it was possible to achieve my most beautiful dreams, even if those dreams seemed impossible before. They inspired me to keep working on my life vision with hope.

Also, the class on God’s Love was amazing!  We learned more about God’s love, and how to feel it and apply it in our relationships.  I stopped making assumptions about others and, now, I view others with more kindness, understanding that they have been through different experiences, cultures, and faith journeys; now I can genuinely love others. Thank you for helping me learn to reflect on what can be accomplished, and creating a positive and healthy mindset about my abilities and my future.  As I write this, I’m already crying.”

Melanny Lozano

Melanny experienced the following improvements:

I’m Tetiana Pavlenko, a coding student at Cumorah Academy, and I’m truly honored to share my journey with you. My experience at Cumorah Academy has been nothing short of life-changing. The Leadership program at the Academy has been a cornerstone of my personal and professional growth.

This program has allowed me to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing me with invaluable insights and mentoring. The lessons learned in this program extend far beyond academics; they’ve shaped me into a more open-minded, compassionate individual with a deep commitment to community service.

 The skills and knowledge I’ve gained during my time at Cumorah Academy have also opened doors to meaningful experiences, including volunteering in the Czech Republic. This endeavor was an eye-opener, teaching me the importance of empathy, understanding, and giving back to those in need. Moreover, because of Cumorah Academy, I’ve completed the BYU Pathway Connect program. 

This achievement has been a catalyst for my personal growth, allowing me to delve deeper into my faith and spirituality while nurturing a sense of purpose that extends beyond my academic and professional pursuits.”

Warm regards,

Tetiana Pavlenko

Tetiana experienced the following improvements:

Final Words

We believe that the education students receive at Cumorah Academy will empower them to become the best version of themselves and the leaders the world needs. We are training and preparing the rising generation so that they will be well-equipped to lead themselves and others into the future. Confident, well-prepared graduates lead and guide with courage, energy, and passion. They serve in their families, communities, and churches. What happens at Cumorah Academy is changing the world – now and tomorrow.