Mastering Your Objectives: Success in Cumorah Academy and Beyond

April 17, 2023  •  Author: admin

One of the goals students have when they attend Cumorah Academy is to receive at least one job offer by the end of the semester. Even if they are already employed, this practice helps t improve the ability to identify opportunities and make a resumé fit them.

Success in the Winter Semester 2023

In the Winter Semester of 2023, 87% of the students accomplished the challenge. Dayanna, one of the students, had the experience of being hired by a company. Though she had refused the first offer because the position was not exactly what she wanted, later a better offer came from the same company and she decided to accept. “While I was in Cumorah Academy, in the middle of the semester, I found a job similar to what I was looking for. Initially, I refused because Cumorah had invited me to work on campus for the next semester and I loved it. But when I returned to Spain after the end of the semester, the company offered me the exact job I wanted. Then I decided to stay in Spain and start this new job”, said Dayanna.

She said that what helped her the most in the accomplishment was “the preparation we receive in Cumorah, by learning how to develop strengths and evidence them. For example, during the job interview, I was very confident about myself and felt prepared for questions and answers.

How to Unlock Entrepreneurial Success

In Cumorah, one of the principles that the students learn is that a new business can emerge as a solution for a problem, something that people are missing. “Before coming to Cumorah Academy, I had my own business and thought it was good, but then I realized that I could improve much more, based on the principles that are taught in the classes, small but meaningful things that I didn`t know. For example, how to manage money, legislation, and mainly about selling: how to show people the importance of the experience that they may have when they choose to buy something“, said Manel, the winner of the business project award from Winter Semester of 2023.

The project that Manel presented was about creating a company called “Safeline”. The main idea came from the job that he has been working with for a few years: rope access to do building maintenance. He realized that the equipment the employees usually use to protect themselves from accidents is not good enough and still lacks safety. Because of that, his idea was to develop a rope protector.

Manel talked about how other people’s support helped him to achieve his goal. He mentioned Cumorah’s staff, Stacy and Nina: “Thanks to them I could do my business plan and contact factories in China. But mainly they made me feel confident.” For him, the most memorable part of the experience of being awarded for something he had accomplished, was the friends who cheered for him. He is especially grateful for Alanna, Rikky, and Ainhoa.


In conclusion, the success stories of students from Cumorah Academy stand as inspiring testaments to the transformative power of education. Through their dedication and the comprehensive learning experiences provided by the academy, these students have not only achieved their academic goals but also gained the necessary skills to thrive in the professional world.

The success stories of Cumorah Academy‘s students highlight its dedication to academic excellence, career development, and entrepreneurial success. By providing a supportive and enriching environment, the academy has empowered its students to achieve their goals, find meaningful employment, and excel in the competitive business landscape. These stories serve as a testament to the transformative impact of Cumorah Academy, inspiring future generations of students to strive for greatness and reach their full potential.