Winter Semester 2024 Newsletter

April 19, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Belief in the Potential of the Rising Generation

At Cumorah Academy, we recognize the hurdles facing today’s youth and the profound impact these challenges have on their lives. Amidst the rapid march of technology and innovation, a concerning trend emerges: a growing number of young adults grappling with feelings of aimlessness and despair. Studies reveal that a staggering 58% of them perceive a lack of purpose in their lives. How do we counter this disheartening reality?

We firmly believe in empowering young minds with the tools to ignite positive change, spearhead meaningful initiatives, and leave a lasting imprint on the world. This unwavering faith in their potential serves as our guiding light and driving force. Our mission at Cumorah Academy is crystal clear: to ensure that every individual who walks through our doors departs enriched and empowered, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and determination.

Empowering the Rising Generation

With this mission as our compass, Cumorah Academy is dedicated to broadening our students’ horizons, helping them envision who they want to become, and charting the path to realization. Central to our approach is our comprehensive Leadership & Personal Development program, meticulously crafted to instill crucial skills such as time management, effective communication, overcoming self-imposed limitations, conflict resolution, and more. Supplementing this core curriculum are courses covering diverse subjects including coding, sales, English proficiency, and beyond. Through hands-on learning experiences and mentorship opportunities, we foster an environment where students can cultivate their talents, explore their passions, and unlock their full potential.

Measuring Our Impact

Our assessment strategy serves a dual purpose: to gauge the efficacy of our initiatives on campus and to evaluate the tangible outcomes of our students’ application of acquired knowledge beyond the classroom. Hailing from varied backgrounds across the globe, our students confront a spectrum of challenges, from economic instability to unemployment.

To address these realities, we focus on equipping our students with practical skills that yield tangible results. During our Winter Semester, an impressive 90.9% of our Business students successfully launched revenue-generating ventures, while 93.75% received job offers surpassing any prior employment, boasting an average salary increase of 69.66%.

These measurable achievements, alongside other key performance indicators, guide our ongoing efforts to refine our programs and remain accountable to our generous donors.

Pressing Forward, One Decision at a Time

At the heart of Cumorah Academy lie values deeply rooted in compassion, perseverance, faith, and diligence, echoing the Christlike attributes we seek to cultivate. Our ultimate aspiration is for students to experience a profound sense of divine love during their time here. They are the driving force behind our unwavering commitment to progress, prompting us to navigate the challenges of today with resolve and resilience.

In moments of trial, our students may find themselves akin to the disciples weathering a tempest at sea, with the Savior seemingly asleep or distant. Yet, just as He calmed the storm with a simple command, our aim is to usher in that same sense of peace amidst life’s turbulence. We invite them to embark on a transformative journey with us, one brimming with discovery and enlightenment, so they may return fortified to navigate their personal storms and uplift those in need. Together, let us press forward, one decision at a time, towards a brighter future for all.