A spiritual and renewed day in Germany – Temple Trip

February 27, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Traditions are part of our culture at Cumorah Academy. We celebrate holidays, parties, and travel together. Additionally, we make sure to have spiritual traditions. Each semester, we go to the Temple with our dear students. Whether they are members of the Church or have another faith, all are welcome to join us.

Both students and staff members love the uplifting environment of attending the Temple. Nina, our dear staff member from Moldova, feels privileged every time she goes to the Temple with students, saying:

“I have been working with Cumorah Academy for over 2 years now. One of the greatest blessings for me is the fact that we can attend the temple together once a semester. I am so grateful to Cumorah Academy for organizing these trips for both the students and staff. We can renew our covenants, be spiritually uplifted, and come closer together as children of God. The temple trips are a true blessing for me.”

What is the Temple? What is its purpose?

Before we continue, let’s explain briefly what the Temple is and why we worship there. First, Temples are different from meetinghouses. At meetinghouses – or chapels – we attend and worship every Sunday. We have classes about the Gospel, partake in the sacrament, and hear talks on the pulpit. At the Temple, we go to perform ordinances, which are sacred ceremonies, including marriages and baptisms.

Lastly, everything we do in the temple is centered around Jesus Christ and His teachings. There are several Temples across the world. Those who go to the Temple are searching for solace, comfort, and hope. Also, we perform what we call salvation ordinances, meaning sacred ceremonies that all need to go through to be saved. Members of the Church may perform baptisms for family members who have passed away. We called it vicarious baptism. Only members of the Church may enter it, but visitors are welcome to enter during an open ceremony called “Open House.” If you want to learn more about Temples, you can visit the official Church website.

Freiberg Temple

The story of the Freiberg Temple is impressive: It was built on the soil of the Soviet bloc and was dedicated on 29 June 1985. Ever since, the Freiberg Temple has been dedicated twice: in 2002 and 2016. It serves Latter-day Saints in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

On the set day, all students woke up early for their trip from the Czech Republic to Germany. Once in Freiberg, students were free to choose how they’d spend their day. Some served in the Temple, while others toured the city. In the end, all were happy and satisfied with their day. Becca, a student from the U.S.A., spent the afternoon in the Temple and described the feelings of serving there:

“It was so wonderful for me to have a moment to recover and reconnect with my Savior and myself. It was needed, and I felt very grateful for being in this sacred place prepared for these moments. The Freiberg temple holds a special place in my heart.” 

One loving student, Tetiana, was baptized last semester. It was her first time in the Temple. She served with other students by performing baptisms.

“It was my first time in the temple. Before I went and stayed in the guest room. Now I got inside, and it was really beautiful for me. It was a magnificent experience working on baptism inside of the temple, and it was interesting to know how things work, I’m grateful for the temple worker who helped us to understand and guide us, and grateful for the experience that I had.”

A day to remember

Even though we spent only one day in Germany, many memories were made. Students had the chance to know a new city (and country), and others entered the House of the Lord for the first time. They experienced everything Cumorah Academy wants: spiritual renovation, strengthening friendships, contemplating historical places, and, most importantly, achieving their dreams.

All of them loved Germany for whatever reason they came, whether to get closer to God or explore a new place. This is undoubtedly a day to remember.

Written by Fernando L. Ferreira Jr. Supports by Delton Sambo.

Supervision: Kamila Umberto Fullmer.