Faith and Education – A Special Evening with Elder Gerard

March 22, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Education and Opportunities

Education unlocks the door of opportunity for youth and young adults. In this ever-changing world, full of mind-numbing challenges, education is more needed now than ever. It can unlock doors to higher standards and enable us to serve those around us. Gordon B. Hinckley once counseled youth and young adults: “You must get all of the education you can.”

Cumorah Academy is rooted in these principles. We approach education in both a religious and secular manner. Our program has been shaped so our students can expand their knowledge, apply what they learn, and serve others. They grow in resourcefulness, leadership, and employability. However, they also increase their hope, faith, and capacity to feel God’s love.

Education – Spiritual and Material

On March 22nd, our students at Cumorah Academy had a special visitor who emphasized the importance of education, faith, and trust in the Lord. Elder Jack N. Gerard, the Second Counselor of the Europe Central Area, joined us for a special visit where he shared powerful insights with our students. He was accompanied by Adonay S. Obando, Henry Kosak, and Paul Hansen. Brother Obando is currently serving as president of the Spain Madrid South Mission. Henry Kosak is responsible for the Church’s Educational Services in Europe (CES), and Brother Hansen is the director of temporal affairs in Frankfurt.

Elder Gerard has many educational and spiritual experiences. He received a bachelor of arts degree in political science and a juris doctor degree from George Washington University. He also worked in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Elder Gerard had served in many assignments of the Church, including bishop, stake president, and full-time missionary in the Australian Sydney Mission.

Elder Gerard (last on the left) with two students.

During his visit to our campus, he learned about our principles, purpose, and administration, including our application process, curriculum, financing, and other aspects of our program. Our students and staff members had the chance to explain how the program works and what they have learned so far.

Tetiana, one of our Student Leadership Interns, shares about Cumorah Academy

Elder Gerard taught students the importance of believing they are important to Heavenly Father. He taught us about how faith and endurance work together when we are facing life’s challenges.

Elder Gerard shares a principle with our students.

Education and Faith

The visit was truly a spiritual feast. Our students learned more about education, mentors, networking, and other important principles for success. Elder Gerard shared his testimony of Jesus Christ and offered valuable counsel to our students. “Elder Gerard emphasized the importance of faith and perseverance in navigating life’s challenges… He also shared some scriptures to illustrate the power of staying true to one’s beliefs and values, even when faced with opposition or doubt. It was a privilege to hear him speak,” says Carina, a student from Portugal.

We believe that faith and education are tools to change any person. In this world full of challenges, our students will apply what they have learned to effect positive changes for future generations. We are extremely grateful for Elder Gerard’s visit and his teachings about faith in Jesus Christ. Our students have been impressed and touched by the sweet Spirit they felt during their time together.

Elder Gerard (at the center) with students and staff members.

Written by Fernando L. Ferreira Jr.

Supervision by Kamila Uberto Fullmer.