Meeting the Heart of Europe – Trip to Prague

May 6, 2024  •  Author: marketing

A City of Dreams

Oh, Prague. Many have fallen in love with this city: Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera, and many others have shared their feelings for this splendid place. Cinephiles may also remember the city’s importance in the first Mission: Impossible film, where a young Tom Cruise faces unparalleled enemies. Authors, painters, architects, and filmmakers all adore this beautiful city. Truly, it is a city of dreams.

The Czech Republic boasts many jewels, and Prague is certainly one of them. On Saturday, April 27th, students from Cumorah Academy had the opportunity to learn a little about this unique city. This trip held special significance for many students, as it was the very first time some had ventured beyond their homelands. They experienced a myriad of emotions as they beheld the beauties of Prague.

Our students are enjoying the city’s view.

Castles, Architecture, and the Middle Ages

Many cities have nicknames that highlight a peculiar characteristic. Paris is known as The City of Love or The City of Light. New York City is The Big Apple. Prague is The Heart of Europe. Due to its historical importance in Europe and its geographical location, the reason behind this moniker becomes clear.

Students in front of one historical building in downtown.

Prague is renowned for its castles and architecture dating from the Middle Ages. This visual spectacle enchanted our students. Mack Fontano, our intern from the United States, was particularly enamored with Prague. It was her first time venturing outside of the U.S.A., and she shared her impressions: “I LOVED Prague! It is a beautiful city. I was amazed that people created these buildings! They were both beautiful and imposing. The cobblestone streets, the stunning architecture, the atmosphere – it was all surreal and wonderful! I had never left the United States before and was blown away by the beauty of it.” Before joining Cumorah Academy, Mack had read an article describing Prague as the most handsome city in Europe, one that had captivated writers and poets for centuries. Our students are now discovering why.

Mack Fontano is enjoying a beautiful day in Prague.

Trdelník, Nice to Meet You

Our students recounted a few experiences they had while exploring the city: sampling Czech cuisine, and admiring the city’s historical buildings. Miguel, our student from Brazil, shared his impressions. Coming from a tropical country in South America, the environment of Prague was markedly different from his homeland. “I visited the Prague museum and was fascinated by its rich culture. The city’s architecture was astounding, and the landscapes were breathtaking. The opportunity to take awesome pictures, enjoy good friendships, and try the trdelník was certainly the trip’s highlight,” says Miguel.

Miguel (foreground with pink shirt) with other students. They’re also tasting Trdelník.

You might be wondering: “What is trdelník? And how do I even pronounce it?” We can’t answer the second question, but the first one is easy. Trdelník is typically described as a “traditional Czech cake.” It is a cake cooked on a spit, usually coated in sugar and walnuts. It is one of the highlights of Prague’s gastronomy. Like Miguel, other students explored the city in search of new experiences. Andrés Rojo, from Spain, recounted his visit to Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. “I highly recommend visiting this wonderful city and having fun, even if you go alone.” In summary, whether you are in a group or alone, a visit to Prague is a must.

A trdelník version on a glass. Picture by wirestock. 

From the Czech Republic to the World

Students experienced in Prague what other thinkers and artists had felt about the city: its magic, enchantment, and beauty. On this trip, students learned not only about Europe’s history but also about themselves. For some, this marked their first journey beyond their own country. Their voyage to the Czech Republic and Cumorah Academy was ultimately a leap of faith, leading them to new horizons of discovery.

Students in Prague’s downtown.

Written by Fernando L. Ferreira Junior

Supervision by Kamila Uberto Fullmer.

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