Welcome to the Spring Semester of 2024

April 22, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Spring – The Blossoming Season

Spring symbolizes beginnings. In many cultures, this season is celebrated with rites and festivals highlighting its importance in food reproduction. Spring also affects animals; after emerging from winter dormancy or hibernation, they begin nesting and reproducing activities. Birds migrate poleward in response to warmer temperatures (see Britannica).

In other words, the time for rest is over, and the adventure begins. Similarly, our students faced similar situations. Most couldn’t sleep well due to excitement about starting a new step at Cumorah Academy. They came from different continents: South America, Europe, and elsewhere. Although Spring starts on different dates worldwide, April 17th officially marked a new season for all these students. This is the beginning of their blossoming process.

First Activities

As expected (and usual), our students’ arrival was marked by countless photos and Instagram stories. Their posts intentionally represented the passage of time as they approached the Czech Republic. They posted stunning pictures of the airports they were in and tagged Cumorah Academy, keeping us updated about their trips.

Excitement grew as they exchanged planes on their journey to campus. Once they arrived, they shared a meal together in the Common Room, received their name badges, and were directed to their rooms. Shortly after, they embarked on the first activity of the semester:

Getting to Know Each Other.

They played a game to remember each other’s names (without looking at the badges!), breaking the ice among students and preparing for the weeks ahead.

First Impressions

Though the semester has just begun, our students already have impressions to share. “Being here at Cumorah reminds me how special we are. I’m happy because I can maintain my devotion, study, and feel immense joy here,” says Miguel from Portugal.

In addition to getting acquainted with each other, our students had the privilege of attending leadership classes with Patrick Sedivy himself (Cumorah Academy’s CEO and founder). We’ll delve into this class later, but here’s a sneak peek at what our students learned from him. A couple from Brazil, Herica and Andre, learned about planning and creating a Life Vision:

Herica: Before Cumorah, planning my life stressed me out. After Patrick’s class, I go to bed stress-free! My plan isn’t perfect, but I feel confident I’m on the right path. I loved learning more about life vision.

Andre: Studying life vision and the difference between goals and vision blew my mind. I feel more prepared to accomplish my goals and know how to plan for my family and for the future.

We’ll continue to follow up with these students and others as they apply these valuable principles in their lives.

Excitement For the Spring Semester

Our students are the protagonists of this semester. Everything we do in our program is having in mind their needs and the skills to become leaders. What they learn on campus is vital for their lives and valuable to those they serve. This Spring semester, we welcome our students to a new chapter in their lives. They are like seeds, being watered and waiting for their perfect moment to blossom and bear fruit because the seeds that bloom in adversity are the most beautiful of all.

To our special students, we warmly and enthusiastically say: Welcome to the Spring Semester!

Written by Fernando L. Ferreira Junior.

Supervision by Kamila Uberto Fullmer.