Welcome to the Winter Semester 2024

January 19, 2024  •  Author: marketing

A sneak peek of students’ arrival and highlights of the first week 

What is the best way to begin a new year? How can we make the most out of the first month of the year? January has become a symbol of a new beginning all over the world. 

A famous author once observed that life is a mix-up of time and choices. How we spend our time and what choices we make along the way will determine our happiness. Throughout our lives, we’ll face moments with enormous consequences. We want a prosperous life in all shapes and sizes.


Yet, our lives might look like a maze. In the myriad of our daily decisions, how do we know we are making the right decisions? 

Alice faces a similar challenge in the classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

In a famous chapter of the book, she finds herself at a crossroads leading to two different paths. She asks the Cheshire Cat, “Which path must I take?” He answers, “That depends on where you want to go. If you do not know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take.”

Like Alice, our students are contemplating what path they should take. What if you could have a mentor to guide and lead you on your project? Wouldn’t it be great to belong to a community with like-minded people? Wouldn’t it be great to belong to a community filled with aspirations, and high standards?

Cumorah Academy is this place.

Our students come from different cultures, different languages, and different backgrounds. Some may have found Cumorah on Instagram or Facebook. Others may have a friend who already come to Cumorah. But something instigated inside them to search for more. As our dear Alice, they pondered which path to take and if such a path would lead them to their ultimate life goal.

They have many aspirations, but can’t decide which step to take first. Our mission is to assist them in finding those answers. We are to help them find the answers only they can answer. Teach them to challenge themselves, not be afraid of the new, and have higher standards.

A new year starts at Cumorah Academy, bringing a new day, and a new dawning. The first semester of the year. Each student brings with him a new brick to the Cumorah monument. They bring excitement, enthusiasm, and a little fear, but hope after all. They grow, and we grow together. 

Cumorah is what it is because of our beloved students.

They will not only write their own stories but also Cumorah Academy stories. They will learn and teach at the same time. Not only that, but they will help others and receive help.

They know the decision to join Cumorah Academy would be huge. It would likely be one of the toughest they ever had. But they know deep down the reward would be high. They will become a better version at the end of the semester, teach their communities back home, and lead in their countries.

1st Week Highlights

The first week was marked by a whirlwind of activities, presentations, and networking among students. In the vibrant eyes of students and teachers, the feeling of joy, enthusiasm, and tiredness becomes so noticeable. The passionate search for knowledge and personal growth unites 17 (yes, 17) different nationalities this semester, mixes of characters, cultures, and languages coexist.

Let’s see what our students have said of this first week:

Taynara, from Brazil: Cumorah Academy exceeded my expectations. I feel very uplifted and inspired by the classes, especially everyone around me. Knowing that we are all on the same page, searching for the best version of ourselves, building lasting relationships, love, and supporting each other, makes me want to cherish every moment of it.

Cristina, from Spain: I signed up for Cumorah Academy to improve my English, meet people from other parts of the world, and learn more about their cultures and thoughts on the gospel.

And what is the best way to begin the week with a class delivered by Patrick Sedivy himself, Cumorah Academy’s founder? 

In his class, Patrick welcomed the students and taught crucial leadership principles. The song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield played a significant role during the lesson. The song is about finding our purpose in life and how we are responsible for our own success. “No one else can feel it for you/ Only you can let it in,” Natasha sings. 

This lesson impacted the students and how they can find their purpose in life. At this point, they learned that even when facing uncertainty, there is a melody inside them that they can keep listening to. “Patrick’s leadership class is inspiring as it gives us a unique opportunity to reach our full potential,” says Daniela from Brazil. 

Finding purpose, facing adversity, and exercising hope for the future was only the first of many lessons our students will have the chance to study and live here on campus.

After everything is said, buckle up, ladies and gentlemen.

The Winter Semester has begun!

Written by Fernando Ferreira Jr. in collaboration with Delton Sambo. Supervision: Kamila Uberto Fullmer.