First Day of Fall Semester 2022

October 11, 2022  •  Author: admin

Arriving in Prague

It was raining. Not heavy rain, a relatively strong rain. In Brazil we would call it serenando, meaning the rain is not that heavy. The teardrops falling through the windows would give a poetic aspect to the whole scene. Through the glass, I could see people walking out there, running from appointments, searching for their own stories.

During my mission, I always looked at this soft rain – serenando – as something good, something to be aware of, to behold. Nature has been very important to me since I was a kid. It may be simple for some, but the rain in Prague had calmed me down.

Outside, I walked down the sidewalks and came across a big Horse statue. I learned now that is the statue of St. Wenceslas. It is impossible to describe how happy I was when I finally arrived at my destination. Not even Byron or Shaw could pen all the sunny rays that entered my poor, noble spirit. After lunch, I went to downtown Prague and took a lot of pictures. Then at 4:00 pm, I went to the meeting point waiting for Becka and all the others.

Going to Cumorah Academy campus

Going to campus was beautiful. Down the road, I could see the beauties of the Czech Republic. The villages, the green, the people, all of this has made an environment so creative and inspired me.

The first day was very busy. Once the sun was up, I could see more clearly what the campus looks like and its activities. Downstairs I could see all the rooms and the windows. The carpet is a velvet color – I’ve never seen one like this before. The common room is where we have our meals and gather together. On the left side, there is the kitchen, and closer to us are the restrooms. Outside you can see the Conference Room, the Gym, the Zebra Room, the pool, and more trees.

What I like most about Cumorah is the class structure. We have been assigned homework and are able to apply the principles we are being taught. They invited us to write down our life mission, our most deep, profound desires we hope for in our own lives. The next day, we learned about beliefs, limiting beliefs – what beliefs we must have in order to meet those righteous desires. This process is amazing – we have a task. Then, we start to improve along the way, thriving on what we have already begun.

The growth process is one of my favorite subjects at school and college. Even though being only a few days since the semester started, I had the privilege to learn crucial lessons about myself, my future career path, and my personal growth. And most importantly, I increased my faith in Jesus Christ. I know that He lives, guides us, loves us, and wants us to succeed. His love is so dear and tender, like a serenando.

– Fernando Luis Ferreira Junior

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