Meet the Mentors: Alex and Megan Bean

March 27, 2024  •  Author: marketing


“They have shown us that with effort, you can achieve whatever you want.” These words were spoken by Elizabeth, our kind student from Spain, regarding her impressions of our new mentors, Alex and Megan Bean. Their classes and life stories taught much more to our students than they had imagined.

We love having our mentors with us. The Beans have a story of personal progress, effort, and endurance. Little did they know that when they stepped onto our campus, they would return home filled with memories of our students and staff members.

Keep reading to learn about this beautiful couple and understand how they impacted not only Elizabeth but also many other students.


First of all, what motivates a couple to sacrifice one full week of their lives to come to campus and voluntarily teach young adults about leadership? “We wanted to give back and teach our kids what that means while doing it. Cumorah offered us a chance to bring our family together while we learned to serve others and learn more about other people and their backgrounds,” says the Beans.

In other words, they embraced this opportunity as a doorway to teach not only their children but also the students about the importance of service and effort. They want to leave a legacy of Christlike service, wherever they go. “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are in the service of your God,” declares King Benjamin.

Their service included teaching in class, talking to students, listening to them, and most importantly, loving them. Many of them came from different challenges, and having someone care deeply about them is relieving. Emmanuel, our student from Peru, felt loved by the mentors. “It is a privilege to have Alex and Megan as mentors. I feel grateful for the classes and teachings they have provided us, about networking for leadership and advice for our professional lives.”


As you read, you might be wondering: “What makes them so special?” Unfortunately, we don’t have much room for their whole life. Megan and Alex both graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU). They met each other through a common friend.

They married in the Salt Lake Temple, and Alex co-founded a company called Divvy, which is focused on Virtual Payments, Real-time expense management, Spend management reporting, Company Budget Management, and vendor management.

Also, they have visited 17 different countries and (here comes the best part) Alex holds a record in the Guinness World Records for playing pickleball for 24 hours straight. Yes, that is extremely impressive. Now, you may have a glimpse of why students love them.


Interestingly, our students impacted our mentors as much as the mentors impacted the students. When asked what they learned from our students, the Beans answered: “How resilient everyone is. They are all learning new languages, new skills, new processes, and doing it with a good attitude. Because of their backgrounds, countries, or other circumstances, they have uphill battles to climb and yet they are all moving forward with faith and optimism.”

Indeed, our students are resilient and eager to learn from others and return home ready to apply what they have learned on campus. Cumorah Academy is training young adults to become leaders and lifelong learners.

“They know what it takes to be successful and are not afraid of making sacrifices and taking responsible risks to get where they want. Now, success is part of their present life, and they are here teaching us how to make it part of our future,” shares Gilmar, our friendly student from Brazil.


As Elizabeth said previously, Alex and Megan are the perfect examples of effort and diligence. They are the quintessence of persistence and risk-taking. This family has shared with our dear students that their decisions will take them to higher standards. Commenting about the importance of effort, President Russell M. Nelson taught: “The Lord loves effort because effort brings rewards that can’t come without it.”

Truly, our efforts bring rewards. Alex and Megan are the living examples of effort. They have started a business, graduated from university, raised a family, and are devoted servants of the Lord.

We are forever grateful for their presence in our lives and for teaching us these valuable lessons.

Watch the message of Megan and Alex:

Written by Fernando L. Ferreira Junior. Supports by Delton Sambo.

Supervision: Kamila Uberto Fullmer.

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