Meet the Mentor: Amy Barnett

February 17, 2024  •  Author: marketing


Have you ever thought about a decision that permanently and positively impacted your life? Many authors and thinkers, such as Keri Johnson and Tony Robbins, have shared their thoughts on the impact of small decisions. We often only recognize this vision when we look back at our lives.

Meet Amy

Our new mentor, Amy Barnett, is a living example of this principle. Born and raised in a small town in Arizona, this joyful woman has brought her charisma to Cumorah Academy. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible woman, her journey, and what students learn from her.

From Arizona to the World

Amy is very honest about her life. She worked with Olympic organizations both in Utah and Vancouver. Also, Amy is the program director for global events and host of the Office for Global Engagement at Utah Valley University. “I am able to host dignitaries from all over the world. I do what I can to provide great learning opportunities for our students as they strive to become competent global citizens,” Amy says.

But how did she become this woman who hosts dignitaries? What steps did she take to achieve this goal? “Everything started when I was 14 years old.” One day, at high school, the school’s Principal came to the classroom to offer a proposal that was at least unusual. “He spoke Russian and offered himself to teach anyone who’d be interested.” Little did she know that, by taking those classes, she changed her life thoroughly. “As a senior, I took my first trip to the Soviet Union with a group of school administrators.” She and a friend of hers were the only ones who could speak Russian, which caused many adventures. That girl from a small town next to cotton fields and cow farms was now on the soil of the Iron Curtain.

One Decision that Unlocked doorways

“My Russian language skills got me jobs with companies working abroad.” The decision to learn a new language opened doorways to the unknown, as Amy says. She is very curious about the world and what lies ahead. Forty years after that first trip, she has returned to Russia over 30 times. From a student at Belingrad University, missionary, and volunteer, to a simple tourist. 

Her commitment and passion for the new have taken her to very particular places. From the waterfalls of Iceland to the back of a camel on a trek up Mt. Sinai. Two of our students, Shad from the U.S.A. and Delton from Angola, highlighted her energy in class: “She is super fun and thinks of great lessons and fun activities,” says Shad. This unique woman and leader brought all her charisma and lessons to our campus in the Czech Republic.

From Arizona to Cumorah Academy

During her stay on campus, Amy taught about Change Management and Professional Life Skills. “I’m teaching them how our decisions in the past can lead us to what we can become.” Álvar, our student from Argentina, felt impacted by her life and role model: “She is the example of how the choices we make today really shape our lives. Whether it’s learning a new language, starting a business, or following what we think is right, her story is very inspiring!” 

Yes, she is! Her classes were focused on who our students are and what they want to become in the future, but not only professionally. What kind of person do they want to be? How will they inspire their friends and family? What example are they leaving?

Final Words

President Russell M. Nelson said: “The wise use of your freedom to make your own decisions is crucial to your spiritual growth, now and for eternity.” Amy exemplified this principle to our students and how they are in charge of their. As they have a vision of who they want to become and make the decisions to achieve that vision, then they will be successful. Each decision has a consequence.

Amy Bernett impacted positively everyone around her, from students to staff members. When she decided to learn Russian years ago, Amy intentionally embarked on a journey that led to Cumorah Academy. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for her presence here with us. Being a mentor here at Cumorah was a new experience, and she was incredible in everything. To Amy, we say:

Thank you for your decision!

Check out her testimony on her experience:

Written by Fernando Ferreira Jr. Suppors by Delton Sambo.

Supervision: Kamila Umberto Fullmer.

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