Meet the Mentors: Bryan and Lorraine Searing

March 16, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Finding Your Way

“It is kind of difficult when you are young and the world says a lot of things that you need to do, that you need to have, and also things that you need to be good at,” Jean, our student from Brazil, expressed these words about meeting the world’s expectations today.

Like Jean, many young adults are struggling nowadays. Researchers have found that most of them feel lost, lack purpose, and are directionless.

They are trying to find their way.

Bryan and Lorraine have joined us to show Jean and the others that hope is still available if you give it a chance.

Bryan and Lorraine

Interestingly, this is not the first time Lorraine and Bryan have been in the Czech Republic. In 1991, they visited shortly after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Decades later, they were inspired by a couple of friends who had served as visiting mentors. “We were very excited to be accepted as visiting mentors,” they say.

The Searings both graduated from BYU. Bryan works as a Marketing Consultant for Stone Mantel. His area of specialty is designing customer experiences. Lorraine works as an Office Manager for Landscape Development. Additionally, they are engaged in community service, including Just Serve.

Their experiences as leaders and in service inspired students to see life with different eyes. “I’m so glad we’ve had them this week. I’m so grateful that I got to be taught well-prepared lessons and practical assignments. Bryan & Lorraine are a very nice and kind couple, people who we can look up to. It’s been a blessing,” says our student from Ukraine, Anastasia.

Inspiring Students

What does it mean to inspire? The English dictionary defines “to inspire” as giving somebody the desire, confidence, or enthusiasm to do something well. Bryan and Lorraine came here to teach the principles that would give our students the desire and confidence to do something.

Indeed, many students felt that during their classes and interactions with our dear mentors. “This week with Bryan and Lorraine I felt a special connection because their classes are fantastic, you can feel involved with the topics and the presentations are very dynamic,” says our student from Colombia, Anamaria.

“We are so impressed with the students’ ambition, hard work, and dedication here. They taught us to push ourselves to continue learning, to be open to new experiences, and to show love and kindness to everyone,” says the couple with enthusiasm.

We Find Our Way When We Help Others

In the beginning, we talked about how young adults are struggling with the challenges of this excruciating world. Aware of that, Cumorah Academy’s mission is to ensure that everything is possible for young adults.

We believe in their potential to do great things and impact others with their gifts, talents, and example. Cumorah Academy follows the teachings of the Greatest Leader who said:

“He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matthew 10:39)

Young adults will find their way to success, their way to happiness as long as they help those around them.

Now, do you remember Jean? After a week with Bryan and Lorraine, he says: “The mentors have helped me a lot to find my own way. They have helped me to understand that sometimes life will be difficult, but if you go out of your comfort zone, and try new things, difficult things, day by day, you will find success and happiness.”

Jean is one of many examples of others who felt better and more hopeful about the future and themselves. Bryan and Lorraine are the quintessential inspiring couple, touching and inspiring anyone who ever meets them.

They kindly shared a brief message to us. Watch it here:

Written by Fernando L. Ferreira Jr. Supports by Delton Sambo.

Supervision: Kamila Uberto Fullmer.

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