My Cumorah Experience

January 18, 2023  •  Author: Lubomír Boček

Heyy! I am Eduardo, 23 years old from Brazil, and I am studying at the Cumorah Academy this Winter semester. I was really excited when the recruiter contacted me through LinkedIn and told me about this wonderful experience of studying in the Czech Republic for 3 months!

Photos on the plane from Brazil

It was a long 16 hours flight to get there, but as I arrived it felt that it was all worth it. The recruiters gave us a lovely and warm welcome, so that was very easy to feel at home!

Find more about the winter semester here

Arriving at the Prague International Airport

A new journey in life at Cumorah Academy…

The first days were wonderful, I was able to get to know such amazing people from all over the world, people who are very respectful and very willing to learn, grow, and become the best version of themselves.

Eduardo in Prague before arriving at Cumorah Academy

I also had great classes, with awesome teachers always helping and inspiring us in becoming our best version. I am also taking Business and Leadership classes and they are really good. Cumorah is a marvelous place to learn and improve English, and we also have a lot of fun and good things to do, such as going to the gym, jacuzzi, playing pool, having movie nights, parties, etc.

And many more to go on…

At Cumorah, we also have Wi-fi available 24/7 for those who need to study or have their own jobs. On these first days, I also learned a lot about the importance of having a vision in my life, setting meaningful goals, and effectively planning in all areas of life, such as spiritual, physical, professional, etc.

I love Cumorah Academy, I am really grateful for the opportunity I am having, learning so much in so many different ways with great people with very high standards around me. People have taught me a lot this first week already, I can not wait to see how much I will learn by the end of the semester, for sure Cumorah Academy is not just a school, but a training center for Life.

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