My Journey from Cumorah Academy to Missionary Service: A Story of Transformation

August 15, 2023  •  Author: Lubomír Boček

Hey there, my name is Krejk Qosja, and I want to share my crazy, amazing journey with you. It all started a few years ago when I got baptized. Can you believe that now I’m serving a mission in Madrid, Spain? I still have questions sometimes, you know, doubts that creep in, but I’ve got this unshakable testimony about the Gospel, Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Ghost, the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith. Those things, they’re true, no doubt about it.

You know what played a huge role in getting me to this point? Cumorah Academy. Let me tell you how.

Elder Qosja at MTC in Mexico

First off, let’s talk about rules. When I first got to Cumorah, there were all these rules, and I was like, “What’s up with all this? Back home, I never had to follow so many rules!” But you know what? I learned that these rules were there to keep us safe, to help us grow. And guess what? Mission life? It’s like Cumorah all over again – rules everywhere! So, I was ready for it, thanks to my time at Cumorah.

Now, here’s the real game-changer. Cumorah Academy opened my eyes to the Gospel standards. Once I grasped them, it was like a light switch went on in my heart. I started to understand that I’m a Child of God, and that brought this incredible happiness. That light of Christ thing? Oh yeah, I felt it, and it’s amazing. But what really blew my mind was the people – my friends at Cumorah. They were always there for me, always ready to lend a hand when I was feeling down. Their caring presence was like a direct line to the Spirit, exactly what I needed. Those moments were like a sneak peek of mission life, where supporting each other is key.

Krejk with his friend Nathanael during Service Project at Cumorah Academy

And guess what? Self-discovery is a big deal. At Cumorah, surrounded by these awesome, Christ-like people, I started to figure myself out. It’s kind of crucial when you’re out there serving others on a mission, you know? I realized that we’re all Children of God, and that made me more open, more compassionate. Those lessons from Cumorah are like secret weapons in my missionary toolbox.

So, here’s the deal. Cumorah Academy? It’s more than a school. It’s where my journey really took off. I’m beyond grateful for three things it gave me: understanding rules, embracing Gospel standards, and discovering myself. These things? They’re like my mission superpowers. And you know what? As children of God, we’re the luckiest ones because we’ve got this gospel that brings us closer to His love.

So, there you have it – my journey from a seeker to a missionary, thanks to the incredible lessons I learned at Cumorah Academy. It’s like my training ground for spreading the good word here in Madrid, Spain. And you know what? I’m just getting started.