Anastasia’s Journey of Faith: From Skepticism to Belief

August 16, 2023  •  Author: Lubomír Boček

My name is Anastasia Boretska, and I have a story to share – a story that traces my path from skepticism to a profound belief in something greater than myself. It all began when I stumbled upon Cumorah Academy, a school in the Czech republic. Little did I know that this seemingly chance encounter would set in motion a series of events that would reshape my perspective on life and faith.

Back then, I wasn’t what you would call a believer. I had never proclaimed my faith in God; my utterances of “thanks God” were more a figure of speech than a reflection of true conviction. But life has a way of surprising us, and my journey took an unexpected turn when I found myself at Cumorah Academy. The warmth of the community and the opportunity to forge new friendships kindled an excitement within me, and I wholeheartedly embraced the invitation.

Anastasia during the Graduation ceremony at Cumorah Academy.

As time passed, I found myself drawn to the strong sense of spirit that pervaded Cumorah Academy. The people I met there exuded a genuine belief, and although I wasn’t a member of their church, I could feel a transformation stirring within me. However, the road to faith is rarely linear, and doubts still lingered in my mind.

The course of my journey shifted dramatically with the outbreak of a War. This tumultuous period forced me to reevaluate my beliefs and seek solace in something beyond the tangible. It was during this time that I encountered individuals at Cumorah Academy who embraced their faith unwaveringly. Their devotion and sense of community left a profound impact on me, and I found myself gradually opening up to the idea of faith.

The last day of the Fall Semester at Cumorah Academy

One person, Valera, a friend from Cumorah, played an instrumental role in propelling my journey forward. He extended an invitation for me to visit Spain, where I had the opportunity to meet the Sisters from the Church. These encounters marked the beginning of a new chapter in my spiritual exploration, as I delved deeper into the teachings of the church through conversations with missionaries, including Elder Schroedter at Cumorah Academy.

Sister and Elder Schroedter

I was handed a Book of Mormon in my native Ukrainian language, and although I initially read only a few pages, its teachings resonated with me. When circumstances led me to Spain once again, the Book of Mormon found its way back into my hands. This time, I was determined to engage with its contents fully. The completion of the Book of Mormon marked a significant milestone, sparking a desire within me to understand its teachings even further.

Anastasia on the trip with missionaries to the mountains where she was asked if she wanted to be baptized.

Amidst my interactions with the missionaries, a pivotal question emerged: the concept of baptism. The missionaries emphasized that baptism was more than a mere ritual; it symbolized a genuine belief in the church’s teachings. This idea resonated with me, and I was encouraged to pray about my decision. Their stories of seeking divine guidance through prayer struck a chord within me, compelling me to embark on my own journey of introspection.

My moment of clarity arrived on a day overshadowed by the passing of my mother. Amidst the grief, I turned to prayer, seeking guidance not just for my personal loss, but also for my spiritual journey. The following day, a sense of purpose and conviction washed over me, and I knew that I wanted to align myself with the Church. With a newfound sense of determination, I shared my decision with the missionaries and fellow members.

Anastasia with the Sister Missionaries who were teaching her before her baptism.

The day of my baptism marked a significant turning point in my life. Although I initially struggled to fully grasp the gravity of the moment, the unwavering support of the Church community and their reassurances began to resonate with me. Over time, I transitioned from a skeptic to a believer, and I began to comprehend the profound impact of my decision.

On Anastasia’s baptism day

Looking back, I realize that my journey was about more than just adopting a new faith; it was a transformation of my entire outlook on life. Cumorah Academy introduced me to a community that nurtured friendships, provided guidance, and allowed me to explore the depths of my beliefs. Through my experiences, I learned that faith is a dynamic force that has the power to shape our lives in ways we could never have imagined. My journey from skepticism to belief has left an indelible mark on my heart, reminding me that life’s greatest adventures often begin with a single step of faith.