Service Project – Food Bank

March 21, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Serving Families through Food

In the world today, many struggling families suffer from poverty and starvation. They don’t have enough to eat, and it is very challenging to plan for the future. With that in mind, three of our groups of students planned a service project focused on the food banks near our campus. These food banks help to deliver food to struggling families and people in need. 

Cumorah Academy students are split into groups once they step on campus. Each group has the name of an important character from the Scriptures: Nephi, Moroni, Isaiah, Ruth, and Esther. The groups Ruth, Nephi, and Moroni took good care of this work. Keep reading to see what it was like for them to be the Savior’s hand in these projects.

Planning, Love, and Altruism – Foodbank

The three projects occurred on different days. Each group scheduled a different day in the food bank of the city of Ledeč nad Sázavou. However, the goal was the same for all three groups: to serve the community by stocking and organizing food. Each group consisted of students and others willing to help. Each group had a leader: Silvia from Italy led Ruth, Tetiana from Ukraine led Nephi, and Isadora from Portugal was at the helm of the Moroni group.

On the set day, Moroni’s group arrived with the week’s mentors, Bryan and Lorraine Searring. Once they entered the bank, they were welcomed by the workers who started to instruct them. The students, led by Isadora, began by separating the good oranges from the rotten ones for two hours. Then, they took a thirty-minute break before returning to work. The workers kindly provided our students with snacks and drinks.

Interestingly, the workers keep a notebook where guests have the chance to scribble a few words. They took a picture together and returned to work. Instead of oranges, they separated tomatoes. Isadora loved this experience: “I believe our service had a huge impact on the community around Cumorah. That food goes directly to those in need, families, and children.”

“Our group created a song while separating the fruits. We started by singing songs that we liked and then we created our own. It was very fun and I loved sharing those moments with them.”

She recalls the simple yet memorable moments of serving the community with her fellow friends: “A memorable moment was when we all sat with the local people to eat our snacks together. It was a moment when we could feel a bond between Cumorah students and the community.”

Reflecting on their efforts, our students felt renewed after this service experience. Isadora keeps saying: “I learned that we all can contribute to a good cause. We are all capable of serving those around us and making a change in the world.”

Having Stories, Memories, and Lessons 

The other groups had incredible experiences as well. Ruth’s group had a great time packing fruits to be delivered. All members, along with Don and Janie Homer (Campus Presidents), were helping. They laughed and spread joy to others. They also conducted a special aerobics class for people with special needs. Our students and others stretched together, danced together, and had fun together.

Not only Ruth’s group but Nephi’s group also had memorable experiences serving others in the food bank. On March 21st, the group arrived at the food bank located in Ledeč nad Sázavou. Along with the mentors, Alex and Megan Bean, they interacted with workers despite not speaking the same language.

They worked together to unpack chocolate bars and separate boxes, and papers, so they could recycle the paper. Separating food and recycling paper was part of the day’s work. Interestingly, when the Nephi group arrived, there was a group of journalists from Czechia shooting there. Our students had the chance to share with the locals what they were doing, what Cumorah’s mission is, and their willingness to support.

All of Us Can Be a Part of It

These groups experienced unique moments serving locals in the Czech Republic. However, our message today is that anyone can have stories like these we are sharing. As we look beyond, we’ll certainly find many people struggling who need a shoulder to rely on. Our students served as the Savior served, with love and altruism. Like them, we can be the Savior’s hand in Czechia, Brazil, France, Chile, and anywhere else.

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Written by Fernando L. Ferreira Junior.

Supervision by Kamila Uberto Fullmer.