The Brazilian Night

March 27, 2023  •  Author: admin

Cultural nights are an excellent way for Cumorah Academy to celebrate and showcase the diversity of its student body. These events bring together students and staff members to learn about different cultures, customs, and traditions. We provide a whole evening for students to express themselves and share their heritage with others while promoting understanding and appreciation of different cultures. In this blog post, we will write about the Brazilian Night that was held on January 27, 2023. So, let’s dive in! 

Our group of students organized a Brazilian cultural night to show other students all the rich and unique details they have about their Brazilian culture, which proved to be a great success. The night featured traditional music, food, and decorations, and attendees had a lot of fun.

The Brazilian Night Quiz 

The Brazilian night started with a presentation and a quiz the students had prepared about Brazilian culture, which was well-liked by those in attendance. The questionnaire addressed subjects like the samba’s history, well-known Brazilian sites, and regional cuisine. The quiz’s winners were awarded gifts like traditional Brazilian snacks and souvenirs. The souvenirs were made by one of the students, eighty-four keyrings hand-painted with the Brazilian and Czech Republic flag. 

Samba class 

After the quiz and a lot of surprises about Brazil’s curiosities, samba classes were provided by the students. A Brazilian folk dance known as samba is frequently used in the festivities of Carnival around the whole country. The Brazilian students taught participants the fundamental steps and techniques during this activity. The mentors of the week, Simon and Lea Fagg, also took part in the dance and got into the party mood. 

Let the Party Begin

With all this cultural exchange, the part with the most fun arrived: the party! With a varied playlist, the students could enjoy all types of Brazilian songs, from funk to samba and from forró to pagode. Everyone was in the same rhythm while doing many choreographies together. Fun fact: some of them still remember most parts of the choreographies that were taught and keep dancing them when a Brazilian song plays at one of our parties!

The five students also provided decorations for the Brazilian night. The walls were adorned with colorful flags and posters, and the presenters were wearing Brazilian shirts the whole time. Everything contained blue, green, and yellow colors to remind them of Brazil and to create a real Brazilian atmosphere.

Brazilian Food

Beyond all the decorations matching the theme of the party, the food was also matching. The Brazilian students prepared brigadeiros, a type of sweet that is typically made with condensed milk, cocoa powder, and butter. There were more than 200 units the students cooked by themselves! They prepared different flavors so everyone could enjoy them. There were Oreo brigadeiros, white chocolate ones, milk chocolate ones, and dark chocolate ones as well.

The essence of the Brazilian night

Overall, the students’ varied and fascinating Brazilian night was a success. The quiz, brigadeiros, and samba class were added activities that contributed to the night’s enjoyment and uniqueness. The event gave other Cumorah Academy students a chance to have fun while learning about the depth and diversity of Brazilian culture. The importance behind this event is crucial; you can transmit the essence of a culture without spending loads of money since many people don’t have the conditions to do that. So throughout events like these, we give the Brazilians a chance to show the world their variety, while the students from other countries have the opportunity to get to know a new country just by participating in this wonderful event.

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