Unexpected Reasons to Join Cumorah Academy

July 8, 2023  •  Author: admin

Are you thinking about applying to study at the Cumorah Academy? There are many reasons to do it: the variety of programs, the multicultural environment, and the opportunity to significantly improve your English. However, there are also some unexpected reasons to come here, that you won’t find in the programs descriptions. Let’s have a look.

You can develop public speaking skills (in English!)

Academy students have two public speaking classes per week as part of the Leadership Program. They study principles of effective communication, speech preparation and organization, delivery techniques, overcoming stage fear and more. 

By the end of the semester, you will have acquired a comprehensive set of tools to excel in various speaking engagements and unlocked the potential within you to become a compelling, confident, and influential speaker.

You can develop a daily routine, even if you struggle

As success is impossible without good habits, our students work to develop a morning and evening routine. Everyone chooses what habits they want to develop — running, reading, meditation, eating healthy, etc. Of course, maintaining a routine is a challenging task, so the Academy has special a system to motivate students.

If you’ve wanted to have a good routine for a long time, but you haven’t been able to stick to it, the Academy will provide you necessary inspiration and knowledge. You will establish routines and rituals that promote focus, organization, and time management. You will develop the discipline and dedication to achieve our desired outcomes.

You can explore incredibly delicious Czech cuisine 

Smažený sýr, svíčková, guláš, šišky, kynuté knedlíky s ovocem… mmm, mouthwatering! Be prepared for a variety of flavors and aromas and be surprised by the creativity of the chefs.

By indulging in Czech cuisine, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the country’s traditions, connect with other students over shared meals, and understand better Central European cuisine.

You can get professional experience 

The Academy students engage in meaningful volunteer work, contributing to the overall well-being of the community. Through a range of volunteering jobs, students can gain valuable professional experience in fields such as marketing, social media management, photography, fundraising, and more. They get invaluable support and supervision provided by experienced staff members, who guide and mentor them during the semester.

By joining the Academy, you will not only receive an exceptional education but also develop desirable professional skills, opening doors to future opportunities.

You can find a job

The Academy strives for students to have greater opportunities in life after the end of the semester than before. For example, they have stability and confidence in the future thanks to a good job. That’s why students learn how to create a CV, conduct an interview, improve their LinkedIn profile, and apply for jobs. On average, about 80% of students find new employment by the end of the semester.

In the academy, you will receive the necessary knowledge and support to start a new stage in your career. You will understand that there are no unattainable career goals, you can achieve everything you dream of if you have a plan. 

You can have weekly meetings with mentors

Every week, new mentors come to Cumorah Academy to share their knowledge and experience in leadership, business, communication, relationships, career growth, and other areas. Students not only get to listen to their lectures but also have an incredible opportunity to meet with mentors one-on-one and ask all the questions they are interested in.

Meetings with mentors offer you a multitude of advantages, including guidance, networking opportunities, skill development, expanded perspectives, and more. By this, you can significantly accelerate your personal and professional growth and reach new heights of success and fulfillment.

Convincingly? And these are not all the reasons to join the Academy! Apply for the next semesters, so you don’t miss your chance and learn more.