Week Summary

February 8, 2023  •  Author: Lubomír Boček

This week at Cumorah Academy was really great! We had our new mentor, John! He is awesome, and really blowing minds. John shared how he started his own business and the challenges he had.

What he taught was really good, and it helped me to see that everybody has their own challenges as they open their businesses.

John also gave me great advice and ideas about things I can do related to sales, talents, communication, and also my first language, Portuguese.

This past week I was also the leader of my team, and it was a great opportunity to apply the principles and things we’ve been learning in the leadership classes. I tried to develop more communication skills in my group, that’s something we struggle with sometimes.

Morning routines

I’ve been doing a morning routine activity also, and this week was really good, having a routine has helped me a lot to gain more confidence in myself so others can trust me too. One of the challenges here at Cumorah is to keep up doing all the activities and don’t get too tired, we are having lots of activities, home works and I also have my personal job from Monday to Friday.

I’m learning a lot here, really! Everyone here is being very inspired and helpful in my growing and becoming process. I know for sure that Cumorah was inspired by God, and here is the place I should be right now!

A lot of fun throughout the weekend at Cumorah Academy

This week was my first fasting week at Cumorah, and it was so easy and awesome to have wonderful and inspiring friends helping me to focus on the Lord and keep His commandments in faith. I had a lot of fun this past week as well, we had the Karaoke night with was really fun, also watched some movies in the Zebra Room, and got a walk around the neighborhood.

It’s been almost 1 month since I’m here, the time is flying! I also have great friends from Brazil that have been interested to know more about the Cumorah Academy, I hope they are able to get the same opportunity I’m having right now and which I’m very grateful for, can wait to see how I’ll be in the next 2 months!

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