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Business Certification

Supervisors: Patrick Sedivy & Nina Scurtu

On this study track, you will learn by contacting and working with people already established in the area of business you want to develop. Through study, online courses and developing business relationships you’ll gain the skills that your contact and mentors suggest for you to help you prepare for the realities of life when running your own business.


Business Extra with Mentors

Frequency: 3 x 45-minute classes per week

Description: This class is the chance for mentors and our business students to interact on topics that our mentors are experts in. You’ll learn from their successes and failures, their stories and experiences in a unique setting.

Business Extra class

Frequency: 2 x 45-minute classes per week

Description: Using his vast experience with business skills in practice and theory, Elder Boam will guide you through essential business knowledge, practical challenges, situation simulations and resolutions to help you develop a business model with a real-world chance of gaining investment and finding success.

Online Classes

Frequency: Unique to each student

Description: Each set of online classes is determined by the requirements you discover in this staged learning program. 

Stage 1: Before the Semester Starts

There are 3 assignments before the start of the semester to help you set up your learning experience whilst you are on campus. 

  1. The first assignment will be to find 3 successful business men or women that are doing business in one of the fields you are aiming for. You will have to contact them and ask what skills and knowledge you’ll need to have in order to start and run a business in your field. After you contact those business men/women, you will need to complete a spreadsheet with all the details you learnt and discuss it with your course supervisor.
  2. Once you have completed stage 1, you will have to complete another spreadsheet, where you identify 10 most important skills from Assignment 1, and find 3 online paid, 3 online free classes and 3 books for one skill
  3. The 3rd step will be to create your Business and Entrepreneurship Certification Plan. Out of those 10 skills, you will combine those that match, and select only 5 top skills that you will need to start a business. For each skill, you will find the best 2 courses (paid or online), one book to read, and one mentor who can support you in this journey. 

Stage 2: On campus

Whilst on campus, students on this study track attend the online courses they signed up for in Stage 1. They also attend their on-campus courses

We estimate that this will take anywhere between 12-18 hours study time per week depending on the classes you chose. 

Achievement Criteria for Gaining this Certification

  • Fulfil and complete all online tasks and courses as set by your course tutor
  • Attend ‘Elder Boam’s Business Class’ 2 x a week, the ‘Starting and Growing a Business Self-Reliance Class’ as well as the ‘Mentor Optional’ classes on campus. 80% attendance is a minimum requirement.
  • Complete 1 x practical marketing project.
  • Complete 1 x practical sales project.
  • Complete, submit and justify your business plan to your course supervisors.