Campus life


Our campus is a self-contained unit of buildings set in the beautiful Czech countryside and within walking distance to the historic ‘Blanik’ hills that feature heavily in Czech folklore.

Take a look at the map below to familiarize yourself with the location of the various on-site facilities.

Facilities include:

  • 24 rooms for 2-6 people
  • 7 apartments for up to 6 people
  • A spacious common room / restaurant area by the reception
  • Laundry facilities including free-to-use washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards
  • 4 teaching rooms
  • A sports hall
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Outdoor swimming pool & basketball posts
  • Sauna and Wellness Centre
  • Indoor and outdoor fireplaces
  • Laundry facilities including free-to-use washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards
  • A terrace with magnificent views at sunset
  • Fast and free wireless internet
  • …and many other fabulous features

We also have facilities to do archery, air-rifle shooting, clay-pigeon shooting and quad biking.


Everyday we serve a full breakfast spread normally offered only by the best hotels. Lunch and Dinner are both buffet-style where students have the choice of 3 different main dishes, soup, salads and sides.

Each meal has a vegetarian option. Gluten free and lactose free options are also available.

Twice a day we serve snacks (once around mid-morning, and once mid-afternoon).

Two top-quality chefs lead our kitchen team to prepare a range of traditional Czech and international cuisine.


Cold drinks are freely available on-tap at the drinks dispenser in the common room. Students are not limited in how much they drink from the dispenser.

Hot drinks are also freely available with a range of fruit and herbal teas and other hot drinks to choose from at any time of the day.

(Alcohol, black tea, green tea and all forms of coffee are not allowed on campus – see our Standards of Living for more information).

Bedding and Bath Towels

The campus provides bedding for each student including:

  • 1 x hypoallergenic large pillow & 100% cotton cover
  • 1 x hypoallergenic duvet & 100% cotton cover
  • 1 x Bath towel
  • 1 x hand towel

These go to a separate laundry service that is off-campus

Travel Off-Campus

Student are free to travel off campus whenever they are not in class or committed to do scholarship work (see Scholarship work for more information).

The campus’ countryside location means that it normally takes 20 mins by car to the nearest large town. Prague is 1 hour away by car.

Because of this distance, the most practical time to travel is at the weekend when there are no classes.

There are regular public transport services in the morning going to Prague from the nearest village (Naceradec) or town (Vlasim).


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds services on campus every Sunday at 10am (Sacrament meeting) and 11:15am (Sunday School / Priesthood / Relief Society).

These services are run by authorized members and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints each Sunday. Church services are run under the authorized direction of the Europe Area Presidency and the Prague, Czechia Stake.

All students are welcome to attend these church services.

There may be other special devotionals by visiting general authorities which you are also welcome to attend.


Some missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will visit campus from time to time. They are here to help with the programs and attend on specific assignments or in response to a specific request. They are not here to engage in public preaching or attempt to convert people from other faiths that have not asked for their teaching.

Temple Trip

Each semester will include one full-day trip and visit to the Frieberg Germany Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Other faiths

You are welcome to arrange your own travel to local congregations on your day of worship.