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Our Mission

Cumorah Academy's Mission is to assist individuals in their desire to follow Jesus Christ and positively impact their lives, careers, homes & communities. Many students leave Cumorah feeling like this is the last piece they were missing in their lives. Because of Cumorah, young adults in Europe are gaining necessary skills to better their lives and better their country.

Through donations from people like you, Cumorah Academy can continue to change the lives of students like Albanian student Iris Dedja. Iris was a student at Cumorah Academy in our Fall 2021 Semester. She shared the following about her experience.

“After Cumorah academy I found an online job, something that I can do from home. Two weeks ago I got the answer to get baptized. I first found out about this church when Cumorah Academy came to Albania last summer. In the beginning, it was curiosity that pushed me to go to church after the summer program... I was "envious" in a good way of all the people that I met that believed so much in this church and in Jesus.

After going to Cumorah Academy and living with those people and experiencing firsthand the miracle of being fulfilled in my soul and finally believing in my heart that everything is true, I decided that I would get baptized... But after coming back, I don't know why, but there was something that told me that it was not the moment yet. Then 2 weeks ago I woke up in the morning and went to the missionary’s center and told them it was time for me to make the final step. And I said: ‘I want to get baptized 2 weeks later on the 22nd of January.’ So this was how I decided to get baptized.

Of course, there were so many things I experienced along the way, and those things made me truly believe and pushed me towards this life-changing decision.”

-Iris Dedja

Student Scholarships

Make an impact now by donating the following amounts:

Full cost for one semester
One student €6.250
Three students €18.750

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If we all give a little, we can help a lot.

Perpetual Scholarship Fund

Bless future students by donating the following amount:

Bless Generations to Come
One student in perpetuity $140,000

Or Donate any amount you wish.
If we all give a little, we can help a lot.

Campus Expansion

The current student capacity for Cumorah Academy is 55-60 students. We are preparing a project that will triple the capacity of students and allow us to serve up to 165 young adults per semester.Increasing our number of students will allow us to directly impact over 600 people per year between our 3 semesters and abbreviated summer program. Cumorah Academy is dearly loved by its current students and alumni. Your donation will help us to positively impact many more young adults throughout Europe.


Project Manager Hired
Architectural Work Completed
Zoning Approvals Received
Received building permit


• Final Project Funding

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cumorah academy changed my life

“My experience was possible because of the kind generosity of donors. These three months at Cumorah Academy changed my life. I have a vision now for my life and I know what to do to achieve it. I learned so many things that will help me succeed and be a better person. I thank you from my heart for the financial support of generous donors. You can make the difference for every student at Cumorah Academy.”
-Lume Çermeli

Your Donation is Valuable

“You cannot put a price tag on what our students learn at Cumorah Academy. Students have a strict study schedule, are asked to complete volunteer hours, and participate in various academic & service projects to help them become the best version of themselves. Their abilities, connections and perspectives will forever be changed and their experience just wouldn't be possible without the gifts from our generous contributors like you. You will have a direct impact on the future of the rising generation in Europe by sponsoring our wonderful students at Cumorah Academy. Your partnership with us is impacting generations to come!”

-Patrick Sedivy, Cumorah Academy Founder