of a lifetime

Take your education farther. Cumorah Academy gives you a unique advantage.

live together

Uplifting Environment

Spend a semester with other young people with high moral standards from all over Europe and the world.

Have an experience of a lifetime as you make new friends, and build lasting relationships while living at our charming campus located in the picturesque Czech countryside.

Our Beautiful Campus

The living quarters, public spaces, and beautiful surroundings make life at Cumorah Academy both comfortable and fun. From our world-class restaurant serving all-you-can-eat meals every day to the gym, pool, hot tub, and sauna, you will find it easy to make this your home away from home.

work together

Learn & Grow

While attending Cumorah Academy, you will have multiple opportunities for personal growth, including paid employment. We provide a variety of exciting job options that can fit your expertise. You'll love earning money and learning new skills working alongside your friends.

play together

Create Amazing Memories

Exciting recreation is a memorable part of the Cumorah Academy experience. You and your friends will create incredible memories together as you enjoy all the options our campus has to offer.

In addition to on-site activities, we also schedule regular off-site tours of beautiful historic areas around the Czech Republic. Past students list these adventures as some of their most treasures experiences during their stay.

No matter your interests, we have something for everyone!