Help for UKRAINE

Together, we have organized several resources to ensure that those who are leaving Ukraine during this unsettling time are receiving the help they need. Because of your generous donations we have been able to provide the following:

  1. We are in contact with families who need immediate financial assistance and are sending them money in quick and easy transfers. 
  1. Preparations have begun to house refugees on our Cumorah Academy campus. We have purchased beds, blankets and pillows. We currently have refugee families on campus and are expecting more in the coming days and weeks.   
  1. Cumorah Academy employees and students are on the Ukrainian border of Moldova, Slovakia and Poland helping Ukrainian refugees that have come to these countries. They are organizing transportation for refugees, financial assistance for those still in Ukraine, purchasing food and necessities for refugees, and finding temporary housing for those who have fled Ukraine. We have also delivered food, blankets, first aid and other essential supplies into Ukraine.
  1. We are also coordinating with Romania and Hungary to create and offer the same resources that are available in Moldova.
  1. Our fundraising campaign has set a goal to raise $300,000 to accomplish the following things: 
    • Continue helping those who are still in need inside Ukraine financially whenever we are able to ascertain that need.
    • Help refugees with one or two months of housing, food and basic supplies immediately after they leave Ukraine and arrive in Moldova, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia (This is where we have contacts now). 
    • Receive as many refugees as we can manage at the Cumorah Academy campus

We have a wonderful team of individuals who are willing and able to help those in need. It is because of each of them and because of each of you that we have been able to make a difference in the lives of those who have been directly impacted by the current situation in Ukraine. We will continue to work hard to bring comfort and safety to our Ukrainian friends.

Thank you for  your donation.