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Get the Knowledge, Skills & Attributes that lead to success & lasting happiness

High Impact Education

Gain key knowledge, skills & attributes that result in lasting happiness and success in life. These are things that most schools simply don’t teach, but that will make all the difference in your personal and professional life. You will be empowered to have a greater positive impact on your family, your Church and Community.


Leadership and Development
certification program

All our students with the exception of the Elementary English course students are enrolled in our core Leadership and Development Certification Program.

This program has several classes that you’ll need to attend at least 80% of classes and complete assignments for. They are:


Public Speaking


Family Relationships

Institute of Religion


All of the above make a total of 12 hours in-class time a week, plus some additional assignments. These classes normally take place between 9am and 1pm on weekdays.

Additional study tracks

You will also be fully engaged in one of the following certification programs as outlined below. These certification programs will take place either in free hours during the morning that are not being used for Leadership and Personal Development classes (see above) or through the afternoon.

These classes normally take place on weekdays (Monday to Friday) though may take place on a Saturday if we have a trip or an excursion on a weekday during that week.

You are required to select one of the following certification tracks. The criteria for receiving the certificates for these study tracks vary and we advise you to think carefully about which study track to take before choosing your course.

I would highly reccomend

My favorite classes were about leadership...They taught us about the importance of the influence of being a leader to others…I would highly recommend it...the place is nice, the people are awesome. - Anthony Visconti, France

Additional Information

Optional classes

Some of the classes on the timetable are mandatory (must attend) for certain study track students but other students can join in if they like (may attend). These are:

Must Attend May Attend
English Pronunciation English Students All other students
English Communication English Students of the appropriate level All other students
English Grammar English Students of the appropriate level All other students
Mentor Optional Business & Entrepreneurship Students All other students
Elder Boam’s Business Class Business & Entrepreneurship Students All other students

Changing Study Track

Once you’ve signed up to a certification track, please give it your full time and attention.

Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, where it becomes clear that your chosen study track is not right for your circumstances, talk to Iain about your options for changing your certification track.