Each semester we invite a variety of interns to come and work at our campus.
Interns teach and train students (young adults ages 18-35), build our community,
and assist Cumorah in achieving our mission.

All of our interns live on the campus, and our campus has limited bed spots.
Because of this, we cannot accept anyone with dependents. If you are married,
both you and your spouse must contribute to the campus in some way. That
means you must both be interns, or you could be an intern and your spouse could
be a student, or we could work to arrange something else. We will let you know
the options during the interview process and work with you if you fall into this

Semester last for just under 90 days and follow this schedule:
– Winter: beginning of January – Beginning of April
– Summer: End of April – Mid-July
– Fall: End of August – Mid-December

All interns must be able to communicate in English at C2 level or higher.

For more specifics about each internship, please click the links below!