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Work focus

Supervisor: Jan Pohorelicky

Many students come to Cumorah Academy with a desire to work and we’re happy to help them. 

Students on this track still study the core Leadership and Development component of the course and then work in either their own companies, jobs or in specific positions at the Cumorah Academy when not studying. 

There are several models for the work focus track at Cumorah Academy:

Bring your work

If you have a job online or can work from home, you can bring your work to Cumorah Academy. There is powerful wireless internet across the campus and desks in every room. If you need privacy there are also computer terminals in other parts of the campus.

You’ll still be enrolled in our core courses that will take up to 15 hours out of your week, but after that, all the rest of the time will be available for your own work.

Please note: for this type of work, we recommend that you bring your own computing equipment with you. There are public computers around campus but we cannot guarantee that they will suit the requirements of your work. 

Work on-campus as a volunteer

Many students opt to work for some of the businesses that are a part of the larger Cumorah Academy campus as a way of giving back to the school. Most of our students receive scholarships and working as a volunteer is a way of giving back into that scholarship fund. 

If you’d like to work as a volunteer, we’re happy to have you work on any of the many jobs around campus including office work in marketing, administration or manual labor on the farm or helping maintain the campus. 

Positions for this kind of work will be made available at the start of the semester. Additional requests for one-off volunteer labor may also occur at various times during the semester. 

Working as volunteer is not restricted to just work-track students. Any student from any track who wishes to work as a volunteer is welcome to do so.

Work on-campus for pay

This option is open to all students who have the right to work in the European Union. 

There are many paid positions on the farm, around the campus, teaching in the school, or working for Cumorah Academy’s office or marketing departments. 

You’ll need to apply for these positions based on your skill set and willingness to work and learn at the same time. You’ll be interviewed and selected for temporary positions and paid monthly for that work. 

Cumorah Academy does not provide work visas if you don’t already have them.

Some online-only paid positions are available to those who live outside the European Union and will be offered on a case-by-case basis according to skills and in accordance with the laws of the land. 

Based on their time and work commitments, students may also attend additional optional classes and activities that are available on-site.