Cumorah Academy: Soaring to New Heights!

September 12, 2023  •  Author: Lubomír Boček

Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride of innovation, education, and inspiration? Well, hold on tight because Cumorah Academy is on fire! In this edition, we’re about to take you on a thrilling journey through the amazing achievements that make us proud.

1. Diversity Takes Center Stage:

Our campus is buzzing with excitement as student enrollments have skyrocketed by a whopping 21% from ’22 to ’23. But that’s not all! We’ve also proudly diversified, with 34% of our students hailing from non-European backgrounds.

2. Job Offers Galore:

Imagine this – a staggering 93.3% of our students receive job offers before they even leave campus! That’s right, our graduates are in high demand, and the job market can’t get enough of them.

3. Work-Study Wonders:

Our Work-Study Program is a game-changer, placing over 30 students in positions that not only change lives but also fatten up those bank accounts. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Divine Love Curriculum:

Our Divine Love Curriculum has sparked a whopping 400% increase in understanding, recognizing, feeling, and sharing God’s love. It’s a love revolution that’s sweeping our campus!

5. English Excellence in Just Three Months:

Who says you need a whole year to master English? Our three-month “On-Campus” English Program produces results equivalent to year-long programs. Get ready to speak fluently in no time!

6. New Basic-Level English Program:

Exciting news! We’ve unveiled a basic-level English program that you can dive into online, setting the stage for your future on-campus success. It’s never been easier to brush up on your language skills.

7. Alumni Awesomeness:

Introducing our brand-new Alumni Program where students can stay connected and inspired. It’s like a family reunion, but with more motivation and networking opportunities!

Join Our Journey:

At Cumorah Academy, we’re not just shaping the future of education; we’re soaring beyond. Connect with us and stay in the loop and be inspired by our incredible strides.

Make a Difference:

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So there you have it, folks – Cumorah Academy is the place to be for innovation, education, and inspiration. Join us on this thrilling adventure, and let’s make the future brighter together!

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