A Peek into the Lives of Cumorah’s Interns

May 20, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Meet Cumorah Academy’s newest interns for the spring 2024 semester! This talented group brings diverse skills and dreams to our school. From teaching English to future leaders to fostering emotional well-being, they’re all passionate about making a difference. Let’s get to know each amazing intern!

Laurel – English Intern

Laurel Quigley is a 24-year-old from Arizona, United States. She’s studying Spanish and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Brigham Young University Provo. She heard about Cumorah Academy from a professor. Her role at Cumorah is teaching the B1 and B2 level English classes. She chose to come to Cumorah because of the high standards by which the students commit to live. 

“It’s different teaching at an academy where I am with the students all the time—not just during class. But it’s rewarding to build lifelong friendships with them and get to know them personally.” During Laurel’s free time, she loves learning new skills. She recently became scuba certified. 

Paige – English Intern

Paige Bundy is a 22-year-old who is originally from Mahomet Illinois. Before coming to Cumorah, she was at BYU-Idaho studying Spanish and TESOL Education. Her love of Spanish came from her time in Chile, and it inspired her to help people learn and love other languages. 

She works as one of the English Interns on campus and is responsible for helping students improve their English fluency. Paige was inspired to come to Cumorah by her professor and a close friend who was also a past intern here. “It’s been a worthwhile challenge that is helping me grow in my teaching abilities!”

Megan – Business Intern

Megan Barton is from a small town outside San Antonio Texas but has big dreams! She is currently a senior in the BYU accounting program and has worked in the fields of sales marketing entrepreneurship law and an English teacher in international schools. Megan found out how about Cumorah Academy on the BYU handshake app! 

She is so thankful to get to meet these incredible students and help them in their journey of becoming world-class, business professionals and business owners! Megan loves to travel and spends time walking and running outside. After the summer semester, she will begin her internship with the Department of Defense in July and then KPMG in January. She also loves grapes, dancing, and rock concerts!

Faith – Emotional Wellness Intern

Hailing from Idaho, Faith Larson is passionate about student well-being. This BYU-Idaho Therapeutic Recreation student ensures Cumorah students stay happy and healthy! From being a friendly face to helping develop the student life program, Faith is all about fostering a strong school-life balance. Fun fact about Faith, she can clog! 

“This has been an experience that I know I will never forget. The places, the food, the traveling and sightseeing, the kind-hearted people, and the variety of cultures are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s crazy to think how much I already love and look up to each one of these students, and I want them to know that every day.”

Álvaro – Coding Intern

Straight from Argentina, Álvaro Godoy brings his coding expertise to Cumorah Academy! This 21-year-old BYU-Idaho student is passionate about technology and joined Cumorah’s team from a referral on LinkedIn. 

More than just coding, Álvaro is motivated by the chance to learn and grow alongside a diverse international community. In his three semesters at Cumorah, he’s seen a remarkable transformation in himself, boosting his English fluency, leadership skills, and overall personal growth.

Camila – Photographer / Videographer Intern

Camila Caraveo is from Mexico but has most recently been studying at Ensign College in Utah, where she’s studying Digital Content Creation. With a camera in hand, Camila captures the energy and spirit of Cumorah’s life through photos and videos.

She discovered Cumorah Academy at a career fair at her school and was eager to learn more, meet new people, and use her skills to help them achieve their vision and goals.

“My experience has been amazing!” Camila says. “I have met incredibly wise people who have helped me become a better employee, but also taught me that serving others will make us grow more than we think. I am so grateful for this experience and the opportunity to improve my skills.”

Mack – Content Creator Intern

Mack Fontano, a recent communications and digital marketing graduate from Utah, brings her creative energy to Cumorah Academy as the Content Creator Intern. She manages social media, writes blog posts and video scripts, and captures student stories through interviews. Inspired by a fellow intern’s experience and a nudge from God, Mack feels passionate and excited about sharing the joys of Cumorah. Here, she’s enjoying the Leadership course, friendships with fellow interns and staff, and the cultural immersion of Czech life.

“Cumorah is a great place. I have been so impressed by the students and the love they share for one another. I have been shown a lot of kindness here. A couple of weeks ago I didn’t know what I was getting into, but somewhere between the canola fields and beautiful Czech countryside, Cumorah has touched my heart. I am so beyond happy to be here.”

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Our interns are truly an amazing group of individuals. They bring a wealth of talent and passion to Cumorah Academy. They play a vital role in creating a positive and enriching experience for our students. We are incredibly grateful for their contributions and hard work!

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Written by Mack Fontano

Photos by Camila Caraveo

Hi! I’m Mack, the content creator intern at Cumorah Academy for the Spring 2024 semester! I am from Utah in the United States and recently graduated from college in Communications and Digital Marketing. I love reading, writing – especially poetry, and drawing. I collect stickers!

Supervision by Kamila Uberto Fullmer