Become a volunteer

Enrollment Volunteer

Our enrollment team helps to bring students to Cumorah Academy. As part of the enrollment team you will spread the word and enroll students to take part in this life changing experience.


Take advantage of the opportunity to teach students at Cumorah Academy. We are seeking interns for the following positions:
1. Teaching English as a Second Language
2. MBA Students or Business majors to help our business students create their business plans


Be part of the team that helps to bless current and future students. The fundraising team will help generate funds for scholarships, the perpetual scholarship fund and campus expansion.

Visiting Mentors

As a visiting mentor you will have a great impact on the education that our students receive. Visiting mentors come to campus for one week during which they lead Sunday evening firesides, teach 3 leadership lessons and work individually with students impacting their lives in dramatic ways.

Online Mentors

Online mentors will spend 1 hour each week meeting virtually with students. Mentors will be an advisor to 1 or 2 students as they progress through their studies for one semester.