Temples and Togetherness: Our Adventure in Freiberg

May 28, 2024  •  Author: marketing

Every semester Cumorah Academy embarks on a special journey to the Freiberg Germany Temple. This semester we were greeted by bright sunshine and a refreshing breeze in Freiberg. The excitement for the trip was contagious, and the bus ride was filled with laughter, singing,  and anticipation.

What is the Freiberg Temple?

The Freiberg Germany Temple, like all temples in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is considered a sacred place of worship. 

Unlike regular chapels or meetinghouses where weekly services are held, temples are dedicated specifically for the performance of sacred ordinances. These ordinances are symbolic acts that connect us to God and our loved ones.

The Freiberg Temple itself is a beautiful building, designed to reflect peace and reverence. The true beauty of the temple lies within its walls, where individuals and families can participate in life-changing experiences.

Experiencing the Temple

For members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, entering the temple is a privilege we prepare for through prayer, scripture study, and living according to our beliefs. Inside the temple, we participate in ordinances that connect us to God and our loved ones. 

These ordinances include:

  • Baptism for the Dead: This ordinance allows us to be baptized on behalf of those who have passed away without the opportunity to be baptized themselves.
  • Initiatories: These symbolic ceremonies prepare individuals for further ordinances by washing away the sins of the past and clothing them symbolically in righteousness.
  • Endowment: This ordinance teaches us about God’s plan for His children and how we can return to live with Him after this life.
  • Sealings: Temple sealings allow couples and families to be united for eternity, conditioned on their faithfulness to gospel covenants.

While the specifics of what happens inside the temple are considered sacred and not publicly shared, the overall experience is described as one of peace, spiritual growth, and a renewed commitment to following Jesus Christ.

Our Temple Trip

The temple was a place of peace and reflection. We were all grateful for the opportunity to participate in sacred ordinances and experience spiritual renewal.

Students performed a variety of temple ordinances throughout the day, creating unique experiences for everyone. 

One cool thing about the temple experience was feeling connected to everyone, even though some ordinances were conducted in German, which not everyone could understand. This semester at Cumorah we have students from 16 different countries, with a variety of cultures and languages. 

But in the temple, it doesn’t matter. The ordinances themselves are still the same, and we all felt close together because of our shared beliefs. It was a cool reminder that faith can connect people no matter what language they speak.

Attending the temple is always a special and fulfilling experience. But having the opportunity to go with our colleagues here from Cumorah was even more special and gave us the strength we needed for the next weeks this semester!

Juliana, from Brazil.

The bus ride to the temple was another reminder of our deep sense of unity. We all sang hymns on the way, with everyone singing in their native language. It was a powerful experience and we felt connected to each other. 

Not everyone on the trip participated in the temple ordinances this time around. However, that didn’t stop anyone from having a spiritually enriching experience! The Freiberg Germany Temple offered a temple tour for visitors who are interested in learning more about the temple’s history and purpose. 

This tour takes place outside of the temple, in areas like the visitors center and the beautiful temple grounds. Fun fact:  Did you know the Freiberg Temple was the only one built behind the Iron Curtain? This special place stands as a testament to faith and perseverance!

Iryna, a student from Ukraine, who is not a member of the Church, went on the temple tour. She said of her experience, “During the tour, I learned some new stuff about the Church. I enjoyed some meaningful things such as why people wear white clothing in the temple. In the temple, people can make promises to God and be clean.  I enjoyed all the rooms and learned a lot about the church.”

Visiting the temple is always special, offering profound spiritual encounters and new blessings. Traveling with Cumorah with fellow members was deeply enriching and unforgettable. The overwhelming spirit brought me personal revelations, renewed covenants, and deep peace.

Miguel, from Brazil.

The serene town and the group shared love enhanced the experience. I’ll always cherish this trip to Freiburg with this family.” 

Traveling to Freiberg was also a fun experience.

Exploring Freiberg

After the temple, students enjoyed exploring the shops and indulging in Freiberg’s treats – ice cream, pretzels, delicious pastries, and more.  

Freiberg was a great experience. 

Students went to museums, cathedrals, and shops. Students had a blast exploring the beautiful town of Freiberg.

The temple trip was really memorable. It reminded me of my first time going to the temple from Lisbon to Madrid, which was the closest temple. That journey took 8 hours, and along the way, we used to sing hymns on the bus. The spirit was so uplifting. Doing it again now makes me feel grateful to have the opportunity to go to the temple. I truly know that the temple is the Lord’s house, and the work we do there is sacred, connecting earth and heaven. I love going to the temple, and I feel grateful for this opportunity.

Fabrine, from Cape Verde.

Another student, Alona from Ukraine said, “It was the first time I saw the temple of the church and I was amazed. What I remember most was how we sang hymns on the bus on the way to the city. It was incredible! I felt how strongly we are united by common ideas.” 

As we departed Freiberg, we carried with us not only renewed spirits but also cherished memories of laughter, friendship, and spiritual growth. This trip will stay with us for a long time, and we can’t wait for our next temple adventure!

Written by Mack Fontano

Photos by Camila Caraveo

Hi! I’m Mack, the content creator intern at Cumorah Academy for the Spring 2024 semester! I am from Utah in the United States and recently graduated from college in Communications and Digital Marketing. I love reading, writing – especially poetry, and drawing. I collect stickers!

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