Volunteering at the Special Olympics Games

July 18, 2023  •  Author: Lubomír Boček

The Cumorah Academy is all about embracing challenges, practicing leadership, and positively impacting the lives of others every day. Recently, our students had the opportunity to demonstrate a strong commitment to these principles. They put everything they’ve learned into practice and rocked the Special Olympics as volunteers! What was the experience like for them, and what did they learn?

Breaking Barriers to the Special Olympics Games

The Special Olympics World Games are the world’s largest inclusive sports event. Thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities compete together. This incredible movement strives to break down barriers and transform attitudes toward individuals with intellectual disabilities, fostering a more accepting and respectful society.

«During my time as a volunteer, I witnessed the determination, courage, and joy of the extraordinary athletes who participated in the games. It was inspiring to see how sports can unite people from different backgrounds and abilities, promoting inclusion and overcoming challenges», shared Gleybson Medeiros, a Cumorah Academy student.

However, the success of the Special Olympics Games would not be possible without the invaluable contribution of volunteers. Not only do they allow all processes to flow smoothly, but they also create an atmosphere of friendship, openness, and mutual support. The Cumorah Academy was happy to make the contribution to make it happen!

Cheering, Assisting, and More: Roles of the Special Olympics Volunteers

Our students were divided into several teams during the Games, each of which had its own area of responsibility. Some key duties included assisting with athlete registration, check-in procedures, helping with logistical tasks, and providing encouragement, guidance, and assistance to athletes before, during, and after their competitions.

«I had the privilege of serving on the transport services team, where I could welcome and greet the athletes and witness their excitement for being part of something as significant and impactful as the Special Olympics. Their love and enthusiasm were contagious. I will never forget this amazing opportunity», shared Pamela Gomes, a Cumorah Academy student.

Growing through volunteering 

All service affects both those who are served and those who serve. Volunteering at the Special Olympics Games is not an exception, as our students recognize the significant long-term impact volunteering has on them.

«Being part of this event brought me an incredible feeling of being part of something bigger and more important than our day-to-day concerns and obligations. Serving others not only brings a feeling of fulfillment. It also creates or strengthens connections with the people you serve. It was certainly one of the most incredible experiences of my life.», said Karla Muniz, a Cumorah Academy student.

Witnessing the determination, resilience, and joy of the athletes with different backgrounds inspired the volunteers to push their own limits and embrace their own abilities. They learned valuable life lessons about empathy, compassion, and the power of giving to others.

Example of Certificate from Special Olympics World Games in Berlin 2023

«Sometimes we believe that our efforts won’t have any impact and hesitate to help or serve others, but they truly do make a difference. Looking into the eyes of each athlete and witnessing their hope, strength, and love was invaluable.», added Pamela Gomes.


The Cumorah Academy is proud of its students for their dedication, teamwork, and commitment to making an impact in the world. Volunteering at the Special Olympics Games demonstrated the spirit of the Academy, where education goes beyond the classroom, and students genuinely embody the values of leadership, kindness, and proactivity.

If you want to become part of such a community, register now for the next semesters in the Academy. Brace yourself for an amazing and unforgettable experience!

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