Spring 2023: Students Success Stories

July 26, 2023  •  Author: Lubomír Boček

Elevating Horizons: Alexandre Batista’s Success Story with Cumorah Academy’s ‘Finding a Job’ Course

“At Cumorah Academy, one of the courses that significantly impacted my life was “Finding a Job” with Nina Scurtu. Through a combination of training sessions, webinars, and assignments, I was able to enhance my CV, improve my LinkedIn profile, and strengthen my most powerful tool for achieving my goals: myself. During the program, I received a remarkable job offer that allowed me to work remotely for a reputable US company. This opportunity not only provided me with the advantage of earning in a more valued currency than my own country’s but also allowed me to learn from exceptional developers, provide a better quality of life for my family and grow in my career. I am immensely grateful to Cumorah Academy for the transformative experience it provided and for all the support and guidance it offered me along the way.”

Colombian Catalyst: Vivian Bahamón’s Impactful Journey as a Volunteer at Cumorah Academy

“My volunteer work at Cumorah Academy consisted of being a leadership tutor and an English tutor. At the beginning of the semester, I had three students as a leadership tutor, but along the way, they changed. When we started, my purpose was to get to know them and think about how I supported their process. Along the way, I met other students who needed daily support and recognized the importance of time management and commitment as an English tutor. In the middle of the semester in speech class, we had to present a topic for 5 ‘eternal’ minutes.

My favorite student did great and was one of the best. During our tutoring, we didn’t practice it, but this amazing woman thanked me every moment I believed in her. I have no words to describe my joy at that moment. Also, I opened my eyes and saw who was interested in learning my mother tongue (Spanish), and it was an incredible challenge that I took advantage of as a teacher. Today, I’m applying for a job as a teacher in an NGO. Teaching means for me a way to serve while enjoying my work. I am happy with Cumorah for this new work experience.”

Empowering Success: How Karla Muniz Transformed Her Career at Cumorah Academy

“At the beginning of the semester at Cumorah Academy, I didn’t know what to expect. I had a job before coming, but I wanted to improve my career and move to another country. I always dreamed about the Netherlands, even though I never tried before. During our finding a job classes I could learn more about LinkedIn and CV. After editing my profile on LinkedIn naturally some recruiters approached me and invited me for interviews. A few of them were from The Netherlands. I felt very happy and applied all the knowledge that we learn as Cumorah Academy students, both with soft skills and interview technics.

Finally, before the end of the semester, I found my dream job in the Netherlands! I am so grateful for everything that we did on campus that changed my life!”

Breaking Barriers: Liubov Voitovych’s Journey from Ukraine to Italy via Cumorah Academy

“Before coming to Cumorah Academy, I had a shallow understanding of the opportunities for young people all over the world. Also, I didn’t have enough confidence and courage to apply for a long-term project abroad. But I’ve met incredible people here, in the Academy, who showed me that the world is full of opportunities and encouraged me to follow my dream. Besides that, I’ve got invaluable help with creating a CV and a LinkedIn profile. Thanks to all this assistance, I applied for the project in Italy, was accepted, and now I’m going to spend the next 6 months there! My life decisions would be more mediocre and banal without the Cumorah Academy. That’s why I’m extremely grateful for this place of inspiration, motivation, and support.”

Shining Bright: Abish Garay’s Pathway to Confidence and Success at Cumorah Academy

“As I embarked on the year 2023, I felt a yearning for change and growth, a desire to chart a path that would lead me to a more purposeful and fulfilling future. I’ve often found myself questioning if I was truly progressing or if I was merely drifting through life, unsure of my direction. It was during these moments of introspection that I stumbled upon Cumorah Academy, a beacon of hope that promised to illuminate the way forward.

Enrolling in the academy was a leap of faith, a commitment to invest in myself and my aspirations. The initial conversations with friends who had also heard of Cumorah Academy felt serendipitous, as if the universe itself was urging me to take this bold step. Despite the uncertainties and the language barrier, I knew deep down that this was my chance to transform my life.

The journey began with a scholarship and a heart full of determination. The immersive environment, where English was the sole means of communication, initially left me smiling in response to conversations I couldn’t fully comprehend. But beneath that smile lay a sense of purpose and an unshakable resolve to evolve.

Cumorah Academy did more than teach me a language; it nurtured my self-confidence, pushing me to explore new horizons and engage in conversations that transcended words. Every interaction, every class, every challenge contributed to a profound shift in my mindset and perspective. The people I met became more than classmates; they became a supportive family, each one playing a pivotal role in my growth.

Through Cumorah Academy’s guidance, I learned not only the language of English but also the language of the heart, the language of connection with the Divine. The academy rekindled my spiritual connection and helped me perceive God’s love in ways I had never imagined. It was an awakening that enriched my soul and added depth to my journey.

As my time at Cumorah Academy draws to a close, the question of ‘what’s next’ lingers. However, unlike before, I now face the future with unwavering confidence. The toolbox of skills, the network of kindred spirits, and the newfound understanding of leadership bestowed upon me by Cumorah Academy have empowered me to forge ahead. I am ready to embrace the challenges, guided by the assurance that I am not alone – I am part of a family that believes in my potential.

With gratitude and newfound courage, I step forward, ready to lead and make a difference. Cumorah Academy has not only helped me find my voice but also taught me that the only failure to fear is the failure to try. As I reflect on my journey, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Cumorah Academy for being the catalyst that propelled me toward my dreams and illuminated the path to a brighter future.”

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