Main Courses

Here at Cumorah Academy we have 2 main courses and many different ‘+’ courses that can be added to them.


Leadership & Personal Development

This is our main course. Every student studies this course in their first semester. Students who study this course will, by the end of the course, be able to speak powerfully in public, gain a higher-level job than they ever had before, have a clear and practice life-vision, use effective leadership and soft-skills principles in real situations and gain greater hope, faith and confidence.

This course typically takes about 18 hours a week to complete.

Students can add one ‘+’ course to this main course (see below).


Applicants must be:
  • Between 18 and 33 years old, with no children or dependant family members.
  • Allowed to travel to Europe’s ‘Schengen’ zone for at least 90 days.
  • Able to use English at an Intermediate level or above (Upper-Intermediate and above is preferred).
To successfully apply, applicants must:
  • Show strong commitment to their studies, faith and self-improvement.
  • Work well with other people and show willingness to give of their time to help others.
  • Pass 2 x interviews in English
  • Maintain positive and prompt communication in English throughout the application process
  • Be completely available to attend the full semester
  • Ready and willing to pay an amount of money towards their studies that will be a sacrifice for them to give.
  • Successfully apply for a scholarship to pay for the rest of their studies.
For more information see How to Apply.


Team Leadership & Instruction

Only students that have successfully completed the 1st Semester course in Leadership & Personal Development may apply for this course.

The Team Leadership & Instruction course builds on the skills from the first semester. Each student will develop advanced public speaking skills, gain real and practical leadership skills by actually leading a team and applying principles of leadership directly.

Students can add one ‘+’ course to this main course (not that some ‘+’ courses cannot be repeated e.g. Business & Entrepreneurship).


To successfully apply, applicants must fulfil the same criteria as the first semester and, also:
  • Have scored highly in their Leadership % Personal Development final grade (normally 90% or above).
  • Have been an exemplary on-campus student in a previous semester.
  • Show good reason why a 2nd semester will be beneficial and necessary to their life-plan.

Additional ‘+’ course options

Courses with Assessment and Certificates

Other on-campus study options