+ Sales Bootcamp

Why Sales?

  • Earning Potential: Many sales jobs have very high or even unlimited earning potential.
  • Flexibility: A salesperson can often choose flexible working hours.
  • Growth Potential: Doing sales is tough and you need to learn new skills and habits. Many other professions and jobs value this skills.
  • Valuable Skills: Sales skills are valuable in all aspects of life.
  • High Demand for Sales People: Businesses always need salespeople to sell their products and services so there is always a high demand for hard-working, skilled sales people.
  • Important if you Start a Business: Many people think that most businesses fail because they don’t have enough funding. This is not true. Most businesses fail because they don’t have enough SALES. So, if you want to run a business, knowing how to sell is one of the most important skills you can have.

Program Overview

In this program you will learn the sales skills and theories that will help you to be a benefit to any organization.

Professional Sales is one of the most common ways for college graduates to start their career. It is a very popular first job for many business students since sales are extremely important to all businesses. This certification will help you to develop the interpersonal and professional skills to use critical selling and negotiation skills. You’ll graduate with real practical experience in starting and building long-term customer relationships. You will also get experience in giving effective sales presentations and in completing sales.

By the time you finish the course, you will have skills in communicating effectively, articulate your career preparation confidently, and working together with others professionally.

This program includes in-class training PLUS actual practice selling so that you can immediately apply what you are learning in the classroom, followed by feedback so that you can improve your skills quickly.


Gabe Chariton owns and operates several sales and marketing businesses including Pointe Marketing. He has spent his entire career building sales teams and training sales. Many of the sales people he has trained now earn several times more than the average person with the same age and experience.


  1. B2 Upper-Intermediate Level of English or better
  2. Self-Motivated
  3. Hard-Working
  4. Enjoy working with people
  5. Have your own Laptop (less than 4 years old)