+ English Certification

Supervisor: Iain R Saunders

Frequency: 4 x 60-minute classes per week in the afternoon

Description: Students on this study track learn English as a foreign language in class whilst working towards passing an internationally recognized English language certificate. Students take a test before the start of the course and get put into specific level classes based on their results.

Each level will have 4 x 60-minute certification-focused core lessons per week, plus 1 x additional class in pronunciation skills. 

These classes normally occur on weekdays in sessions after 2pm.

The English study track includes full preparation for the following Cambridge English examinations:

  • B1 Preliminary which proves that you can survive independently in English in familiar environments. Required for work where you need English occasionally.
  • B2 First which proves that you can work in English in almost all work places. This is the most required certification level of English for any future career that needs English.
  • C1 Advanced which proves you can work and study in English in familiar and unfamiliar environments and express yourself clearly and accurately. This is the most common certificate for attending university or working in education. 

Students will have be prepared to take an official Cambridge English exam appropriate to their level after they leave Cumorah Academy. They will also have 3 x full Cambridge-based examinations on campus at the beginning, middle and end of the semester to help them prepare and prove their progress.. 

Achievement Criteria for Gaining this Certification

  • Attend all of the classes listed above. 80% attendance is a minimum requirement. 
  • Complete 3 x full examinations using Cambridge English Standard material in class (your certificate will show the level you achieved in these exams rather than the level of your class).

We cooparate with P.A.R.K. School of English